Focus Area Forum
Data Science for Decision-Making in Support of Naval Tactical Missions

On June 25, the Office of Naval Research will host the next Focus Area Forum. The forum is designed to assist ONR in developing the scientific foundation and advanced technologies in the area of data science. It will support tactical decision-making by bringing together researchers and naval/Department of Defense stakeholders to exchange ideas and discuss research directions and challenges.

Current Landscape:

Assured information for naval forces relies heavily on extracting actionable knowledge for tactical decision-making from often heterogeneous data. The disciplines of data science and decision-making provide a technological framework that enables the foundations of information dominance. 

Data science is the combination of how data is represented, organized, processed, shared and interpreted under relevant context and with necessary assurance. Decision-making is the art of applying current and historical data relevant to a given scenario to predict, with a level of certainty, potential future outcomes to aid in the determination of courses of action. 

In recent years, both the defense and private sectors have witnessed unprecedented access to new sources of significantly broader types and amounts of data, enabled by an array of specific commercial apps for machine learning and inferencing. 

The challenge is: to automatically make use of this rich data -- with its varying degrees of quality, assurance, and uncertainty -- in the context of a mission to support tactical warfighting objectives.


Registration will open in May, and portions of the small forum will be classified. This forum will be closed to media given the level of classification.

  • When: June 25, 2014
  • Where: Office of Naval Research Headquarters, Arlington, Va.
  • Who Should Attend: Researchers and naval/DOD stakeholders

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