Manage Your Grant

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The Office of Naval Research's (ONR's) university business affairs division establishes and maintains effective business relationships between ONR and the university research community.

Track Reports

AdminWeb is provided as a tool for electronically tracking awards, submitting technical reports, requesting no-funds extensions, and accessing required reports for universities and nonprofit organizations with Office of Naval Research (ONR) administered awards. Users will be redirected to the secure AdminWeb console to manage their awards.

Request Payment

The Department of Defense has established ONR PayWeb as an entrypoint to wide area workflow. These tools help universities and nonprofit organizations to facilitate electronic invoicing and payment on awards administered by the ONR's regional offices.

Contact an Administrator

Adminstrative contracting officers (ACOs) are available to assist government and university business officials with awards. ACOs can assist with payment processing, university business systems reviews, indirect cost rate negotiations and closeouts, and provide general assistance and information on business matters.

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