Grant Terms and Conditions

As of December 26, 2014, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) will use the Agency Specific terms and conditions for all new, renewal and expansion awards for domestic research grants subject to 2 CFR part 200. The terms and conditions for For-Profit Organizations, ONR Education and Domestic Symposium Gran, ONR Foreign Research Grant, and ONR Foreign Symposium Grant are dated December 2014.

Standard Terms Conditions for Research Grants
December 2014 Agency Specific: (.doc, 72KB)
February 2011 Agency Specific: (.pdf, 31KB)
October 2010 Agency Specific: (.pdf, 39KB)
April 2009 Agency Specific: (.doc, 48KB)
June 2011 Core: (external link)
July 2008 Agency Specific: (pdf, 32KB) (external link)
For-Profit Organizations Research Grants Terms and Conditions
February 2013 (.pdf, 80KB)
February 2011 (.pdf, 48KB)
October 2010 (.pdf, 66KB)
August 2009 (.doc, 47KB)
ONR Education and Domestic Symposium Grant
December 2014 (.doc, 78KB)
July 2011 (.pdf, 47KB)
February 2011 (.pdf, 34KB)
October 2010 (.pdf, 47.2KB)
April 2009 (.doc, 76KB)
December 2008 (.pdf, 40KB) (.doc, 71KB)
August 2007 (.pdf, 234KB) (.doc, 66KB)
February 2007 (.pdf, 40KB) (.doc, 64KB)
December 2005 (.pdf, 23KB) (.doc, 51KB)
August 2004 (.pdf, 318KB) (.doc, 61KB)
October 1999 (.pdf, 21KB)
ONR Foreign Research Grant
December 2014 (.doc, 95KB)
February 2013 (.pdf, 57KB)
February 2011 (.pdf, 42KB)
October 2010 (.pdf, 56KB)
April 2009 (.doc, 87KB)
December 2008 (.pdf, 51KB) (.doc, 81KB)
August 2007 (.pdf, 364KB) (.doc, 77.5KB)
August 2004 (.pdf, 524KB) (.doc, 68KB)
October 1999 (.pdf, 27KB)
ONR Foreign Symposium Grant
December 2014 (.doc, 89KB)
February 2011 (.pdf, 32KB)
October 2010 (.pdf, 44KB)
April 2009 (.doc, 48KB)
December 2008 (.pdf, 39KB) (.doc, 67KB)
August 2007 (.pdf, 211KB) (.doc, 61.5KB)
August 2004 (.pdf, 293KB) (.doc, 53KB)
October 1999 (.pdf, 21KB)
ONR Foreign Visiting Scientist (for use ONR Global only)
November 2011 (.pdf, 34KB)
Special Terms and Conditions
Policy for In Situ Ocean Data Article (October 1999) (.pdf, 19KB)
Property Article (October 1999) (.pdf, 5KB)
DURIP NON FDP Reports Article (July 2008) (.pdf, 5KB)
DURIP NON FDP Reports Article (October 1999) (.pdf, 5KB)
DURIP FDP Reports Article (October 1999) (.pdf, 5KB)
ONR Basic Research Grant
October 2010 (.pdf 39KB)
August 2007 (.pdf, 591KB) (.doc, 113KB)
February 2007 (.pdf, 79KB) (.doc, 111KB)
December 2005 (.pdf, 41KB) (.doc, 98KB)
June 2005 (.pdf, 41KB) (.doc, 97KB)
August 2004 (.pdf, 840KB) (.doc, 110KB)
July 2001 (.pdf, 196KB) (.doc, 91KB)
May 2001 (.pdf, 819KB)
October 1999 (.pdf, 32KB)
September 1998 (.doc, 52KB)
Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) General Terms and Conditions
April 2005 (.pdf, 793KB)
July 2004 (.pdf, external link)
October 2002 (.pdf, external link)
July 2000 (.pdf, external link)
July 1997 (external link)
Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Agency-Specific Terms and Conditions
October 2002 (.pdf, external link)
July 2000 (external link)
October 1999 (external link)
October 1998 (external link)
Prior Versions of FDP Terms and Conditions
UAWA Award A: This award is based on the application/proposal submitted to, and as approved by, the awarding agency.
UAAC Acceptance C: Acceptance of this award including Terms and Conditions is acknowledged by the recipient when 15 days have passed without a notice of disagreement from the recipient or when work is commenced.

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