Visiting Scientist Program

The Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global) Visiting Scientist Program (VSP) supports short-term visits of international scientists for the following purposes:

  • Planning cooperative science and technology (S&T) programs with researchers in the Naval Research Enterprise (NRE)
  • Identifying and discussing outstanding S&T issues in areas of Naval Research Enterprise interest and developing long-term relationships
  • Maintaining ONR Global connectivity with the international scientific community in the focus areas of the Naval S&T Strategic Plan

Conditions and Types of Support

VSP support is generally limited to the cost of travel, per diem and registration fees for meetings associated with the visit. As a condition of its support, ONR Global requires, free of additional cost, a comprehensive technical report of the visit, which may be distributed by ONR Global to U.S. government employees, or on occasion, to other recipients. If the visit includes presentation of a paper, ONR Global support should be acknowledged and a copy of the paper provided to ONR Global. If the visit results in a paper or in a proposal for cooperative research, ONR Global support should be referenced and a copy provided to us.

VSP support of international scientists is usually in the form of a grant, payable net 30 days after the disbursing office has received the visiting scientist’s invoice.


Often, VSP requests are initiated in the course of discussions with an ONR Global associate director; in that instance, the application for a VSP grant should be sent directly to the associate director. Otherwise, requests for VSP support should be addressed to

Please note:

  • Requests should be received at least eight weeks in advance of the proposed visit
  • Proposals must contain the information shown in the VSP proposal format given below
  • Upon receipt of a VSP request, the S&T programs administrator at ONR Global in London will coordinate administrative matters with the appropriate associate director and technical director.

VSP Proposal Format

Please provide the following information in the attached downloadable format (download):

  • Identification of visiting scientist(s): Name, title, organization, mail and email addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and NCAGE code. (See below for information regarding the NCAGE Code.)
  • Provide short curriculum vitae of the visitor(s), indicating educational and professional experience, principal accomplishments and honors, and examples of recent and significant publications
  • Visit description

This section should provide enough information for the ONR Global associate director to: (1) assess relevance to Navy needs; (2) identify the appropriate ONR and/or NRE program officer for coordination and review, if needed, and, (3) identify additional U.S. institutions that may be interested in hosting the visitor. Sections should describe:

  • The proposed location, dates and points of contact (if known) at each site to be visited
  • The purpose and nature of the visit at each site (e.g., to present a paper, demonstrate techniques, analyze samples, develop plans and establish contacts, tour facilities, etc.)
  • Any conference, workshop, experiment or research to be attended or conducted during the visit
  • Any expected product of the visit (e.g., joint proposal, paper, trip report)
  • Itinerary and estimated costs

In this section, provide as much information as known about travel plans, including dates, modes of transportation, flight or rail numbers and carriers, requirements for rental car or local transport (such as bus or taxi), and accommodations. Estimate costs in U.S. dollars of each item. Please:

  • List and specify amounts in U.S. dollars of any registration fee or other costs for a meeting to be attended as part of the visit.
  • Indicate whether the visitor is willing and able to accommodate additional visits during the trip, as may be desired and arranged by ONR Global or other potential sponsors, and specify the preferred time period for such additional visits.

Formal Statement of Acceptance of ONR Global Conditions

The visitor(s) or an authorized representative of his or her parent institution must certify that the visitor(s) will provide, free of additional cost, a comprehensive technical report of the visit, to be mailed to the S&T programs administrator at ONR Global London within 30 days of completion of the visit. This report must describe the visit and its accomplishments. This requirement may be waived when the visit is for purposes of attending a workshop or planning meeting that will produce a plan, report or similar documentation; a copy of such documentation must be provided in lieu of the trip report. If the visit includes presentation of a paper, there should be acknowledgement of ONR Global support and a copy of the paper should be provided to the administrator. If the visit results in a paper or proposal for collaboration, reference should be made to ONR Global support and a copy of the document sent to the administrator.

Include the following statement: This proposal is submitted in response to Broad Agency Announcement 14-001 of long-range ONR scientific projects that was published Sept. 27, 2013.

Reason ONR Global Requires NCAGE Code and How to Apply

All grant recipients are required to have a NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity (NCAGE) Code. Furthermore, each proposal must include this code before ONR Global may begin processing the proposal.

Foreign recipients of U.S. grants and contracts must have an NCAGE code before they can receive funding from the U.S. government. Your organization may already have an NCAGE code, and we can use it. If not, you will need to obtain one. We cannot award your contract/grant or provide any funding to you without this number. Once obtained, the NCAGE code may be used for all future U.S. government grants or contracts.

The NCAGE code is a 5-digit alpha-numeric code issued by a U.S. government or NATO representative. It can be obtained by applying online at On the application, for block 4, we recommend that you select "Provider of Services." For block 6, you do not need to complete anything other than name, address and telephone number (the red and blue colored fields). Please remember that the NCAGE is used by the office that writes checks and it MUST be issued in the name and address of the organization or individual exactly as you want it to appear on your payment check. The NCAGE Code should be free of charge. Please contact ONR Global if this is not the case.

If you are having difficulties receiving your NCAGE code, please contact DLA for NCAGE problem resolution: Larry Coy:

The website for checking NCAGE is BINCS:

For VSP proposals, the information can be on the traveler or their organization. For CSP proposals, the information is about the organization. Note: This will be the permanent address for use with all proposals in the future. If a traveler changes their job or an organization changes their name or address, etc., then you must re-register for another NCAGE code. For grant information, email:

ONR Global Contact Information

Tel: +44 (0) 1895-616-435
Fax: +44 (0) 1895-616-016

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