Collaborative Science Program

The ONR Global Collaborative Science Program (CSP) provides financial support for international workshops and/or conferences in order to achieve specific goals, listed below:

  1. Planning cooperative science and technology (S&T) programs with researchers in the Naval Research Enterprise (NRE)
  2. Identifying and discussing outstanding S&T issues in areas of Department of Navy (DoN) interest
  3. Developing long-term relationships between DoN and international science and technology sponsors
  4. Maintaining ONRG connectivity with the international scientific community in the focus areas outlined in the Naval Science and Technology (S&T) Strategic Plan.

CSP funds are intended for support of workshops, conferences or conference sessions that make a clear contribution to the advancement of naval relevant S&T.


As a condition of CSP support, ONR Global requires free conference registration for a negotiated number of NRE attendees; copies of all meeting materials; recognition of ONR Global support; and, in the case that CSP funding supports travel by international scientists, assurance that the scientists are aware that the travel support came from ONR Global. Within 30 days of the end of the conference/workshop, please provide ONR Global the names and institutional affiliations of scientists whose travel we supported.


Formal requests for CSP support, whether initiated internally or externally to ONR Global, should be addressed to the grants administrator, ONR Global. Addresses and telephone numbers are listed below. A formal proposal for financial assistance should be made by the conference organizers or authorized representative at least 12 weeks, but not more than one year, prior to the date of the proposed conference. The proposal format that outlines the information required for a CSP proposal is provided (see CSP proposal format below).

Phone Number for CSP Requests

Voice: +44-(0)1895-616-435
Fax: +44-(0)1895-616-016

CSP Proposal Format  (download)

Please download, fill in and submit the above format. A request for CSP financial assistance should be in the form of an electronic/written proposal. The formal proposal should be submitted by the conference organizers or authorized representative at least 12 weeks, but not more than one year, prior to the date of the proposed conference to allow sufficient time for reviews and for necessary paperwork to be completed. In order to expedite approval of requests, the proposal must include:

  • Title of meeting
  • Date of meeting
  • Objective of meeting
  • Location of meeting
  • Sponsoring organization
  • Name and full contact details (address, telephone, email) of the organizer and names of the organizing committee members
  • Brief description of program, including names of invited speakers and/or distinguished guests
  • Budget, submitted in U.S. dollars, showing estimated expenses and incomes (and sources) and clearly indicating proposed use of ONR Global funds
  • A list of other organizations being solicited for support
  • Specific amount of money requested for ONR Global support
  • Formal statement of acceptance of ONR Global conditions: As a condition of support, ONR Global requires (1) free conference registration for those Naval Research Enterprise scientists designated by ONR Global; and (2) copies of all meeting materials, such as proceedings, to be mailed to ONR Global
  • Recognition of ONR Global support in meeting literature

Note: When ONR Global funds are used to support travel expenses by international scientists, the scientist receiving the travel support being informed that the travel assistance was provided by the U.S. Office of Naval Research Global, and within 30 days of the end of the conference/workshop, the ONR Global grants administrator is provided a list of all scientists (by name and institution) who received funding from the ONR Global grant. This proposal is submitted in response to Broad Agency Announcement 14-001 of long-range ONR scientific projects that was published Sept. 27, 2013.

Proposals for financial support should be addressed to the Grants Administrator, ONR Global, or Officer-in-Charge, ONR Global Asia at the address provided above.

Reason ONR Global Requires NCAGE Code and How to Apply

All grant recipients are required to have a NCAGE code. Furthermore, each proposal must include this code before ONR Global may begin processing the proposal.

Foreign recipients of U.S. grants and contracts must have a NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity (NCAGE) Code before they can receive funding from the U.S. government. Your organization may already have an NCAGE, and we can use it. If not, you will need to obtain one. We cannot award your contract/grant or provide any funding to you without this number. Once obtained the NCAGE may be used for all future U.S. government grants or contracts.

The NCAGE code is a 5-digit alpha-numeric code issued by a U.S. government or NATO representative. It can be obtained by applying online at On the application, for block 4, we recommend that you select "Provider of Services." For block 6, you do not need to complete anything other than name, address and telephone number (the red and blue colored fields). Please remember that the NCAGE is used by the office that writes checks and it MUST be issued in the name and address of the organization or individual exactly as you want it to appear on your payment check. The NCAGE code should be free of charge. Please contact ONR Global if this is not the case.

Additional Resources

  • For difficulties receiving your NCAGE code, please contact DLA for NCAGE problem resolution: Larry Coy:
  • Use the BINCS web site to check NCAGE:
  • For VSP proposals, the information can be on the traveler or their organization. For CSP proposals, the information is about the organization. NOTE: This will be the permanent address for use with all proposals in the future. If a traveler changes their job or an organization changes their name or address, etc., then you must re-register for another.
  • For grant information, email:

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