The Office of Naval Research (ONR) coordinates, executes, and promotes the science and technology programs of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.
(30) Develops and transitions technologies to enable the Navy-Marine Corps team to win and survive on the battlefield, today and tomorrow.
(31) Supports the development of advanced electronics, communications, surveillance and navigational tools that provide the Navy with a battlefield advantage.
(32) Equips the Navy with technologies designed to observe, model and predict air, ocean and shore environments, and detect underwater threats.
(33) Develops and delivers technologies that enable superior warfighting and energy capabilities for naval forces, platforms and undersea weaponry.
(34) Enhances warfighter effectiveness and efficiency through bioengineered and biorobotic systems, medical technologies, improved manpower, personnel, training and system design.
(35) Supports the Navy’s power project needs, fostering the technology development of naval aircraft, structures, propulsion, autonomy, energetic, directed energy and electric weapons.


ONR’s directorates balance a robust science and technology (S&T) portfolio, allocating funds to meet the warfighter's requirements.

ONR Global

ONR Reservist Wins Federal 100 Award

image-Lt. Cmdr. Tom McAndrewFor contributions to emergent technologies from augmented-reality training to tactical cyber warfare, Lt. Cmdr. Tom McAndrew of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) became the first ONR Reservist to win a Federal 100 Award on March 26.

The awards are presented to government, industry and academic leaders who have played pivotal roles in the use of information technology by the federal government. McAndrew’s recognition comes during the centennial of the U.S. Navy Reserve.

ONR Hits the Road

National Society of Black Engineers Annual Convention (Details)
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California
March 25-29, 2015

Navy League Sea Air Space (Details)
Gaylord Convention Center National Harbor, Maryland 
April 13-15, 2015

Latin American Aerospace and Defense and Security International Expo (Details)
Riocentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
April 14-17, 2015

Subs To Use 3D Simulator for Training

Image - Multipurpose Reconfigurable Training SystemThe Navy’s Virginia-class submarines are among the most technically advanced vessels ever built. But even these cutting-edge, fast-attack, nuclear-powered boats need emergency generators on hand—and Sailors trained to operate and repair them.

Enter the new diesel generator simulator, delivered to Pearl Harbor naval facilities this month by the TechSolutions program at the Office of Naval Research. High-fidelity 3D software lets Sailors use 50-inch touch screens to see and access all parts of the massive generators aboard the Virginia-class subs.

How ONR Shapes the Future

Image - Future Force video

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