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ONR Welcomes New Research Ship to Navy’s Ranks

In honor of the first American female astronaut, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) recently welcomed the U.S. Navy’s newest research vessel—R/V Sally Ride—for ocean science.

  • Research Vessel (R/V) Sally Ride (AGOR 28)

    R/V Sally Ride

Naval STEM

Naval STEM Newsletter (Spring 2016)The Guide to Naval STEM special edition newsletter (released in Spring 2016) provides a general overview of Naval STEM and offers readers information on the various facilities, programs, and Naval STEM contacts across the United States.

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Reducing Software Bloat

ONR-sponsored research explores ways to reduce software bloat, a condition where updated software runs slower because of repetitive artifact code, requiring more memory—and becoming more vulnerable to cyber intrusions.

  • Dr. Dinghao Wu in his lab at Penn State University

    Dr. Dinghao Wu

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