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ONR Researches Underwater Glue

ONR-sponsored researcher Dr. Bruce Lee, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Michigan Technological University, is using a protein produced by mussels to create a reversible synthetic glue that not only can bond securely underwater—but also may be turned on and off with electricity.

  • Mussel Glue

    Mussel Glue

Naval STEM

Naval STEM Newsletter (Spring 2016)The Guide to Naval STEM special edition newsletter (released in Spring 2016) provides a general overview of Naval STEM and offers readers information on the various facilities, programs, and Naval STEM contacts across the United States.

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ONR Scientists Study Arctic Changes

As diminishing sea ice in the Arctic Ocean expands navigable waters, scientists sponsored by ONR have traveled to the region to study the changing environment—and provide new tools to help the U.S. Navy operate in a once-inaccessible area.

  • Arctic Research 2016

    Arctic Research

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