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New Research Ship is Ready for Duty

The brand-new research vessel (R/V) Neil Armstrong recently arrived at its new home at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. The ship — operated by Woods Hole under a charter agreement with ONR — will enable collaborative scientific studies on a range of disciplines from ocean chemistry and geology, to marine technology.

  • Neil Armstrong Arrival

    Neil Armstrong Arrival

Naval STEM

Naval STEM Newsletter (Winter 2016)The latest issue of the Naval STEM newsletter is out! The Winter 2016 newsletter is a collection of stories, cameos and updates from across the Naval STEM community in 2015. This year in review offers a snapshot of the efforts and people behind the programs within this community.

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The Future of Navy Combat Training?

Recently, ONR demonstrated new and improved training technology at the Fleet Integrated Synthetic Training/Testing Facility (FIST2FAC), located on Ford Island, Hawaii. FIST2FAC combines a hassle-free setup, software and gaming technology to help naval forces develop strategies for diverse missions and operations. It allows Sailors to interact with artificially intelligent forces in countless virtual settings—and train for multiple missions simultaneously.

  • FIST2FAC 2016

    FIST2FAC 2016

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