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As electronic devices — from iPhones to tablets — increasingly touch all facets of people’s lives, there is growing demand for technology that is smaller, faster and more mobile and powerful than ever before. For research that could very well revolutionize how electronic devices are manufactured in the future, this professor, sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, won the Feynman Prize in nanotechnology from a leading think tank focusing on nanotechnology.

  • Image - Dr. Joseph Lyding

    Mini-Machine Maker

Naval STEM

Image - Naval STEM ExpoThe latest issue of the STEM2Stern newsletter is out! Focused on diversity, the June issue introduces Anthony Smith, the new director of the Navy's Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions Program, and highlights rural robotics, "girl power," and an immigrant's story of scientific pursuits.

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Researchers Seek Wave Slam Solutions

In May, scientists sponsored by the Office of Naval Research performed experiments to better understand the motions, forces and pressures generated by waves on boats with high-speed planing hulls. The higher the wave crests, the more high-speed boats will rise to the top of the wave and then fall back down to the wave’s trough with great force. It's called wave slam | Video: See tests on YouTube

  • Image - Testing planing hull designs

    Slam in the Dunk

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