What Is It?

  • TechSolutions is an Office of Naval Research (ONR) rapid-response technology development program that produces prototype solutions to problems identified by fleet/force members.
  • TechSolutions needs active engagement from warfighters of all ranks at the ground level on ways to improve mission effectiveness.

How Does It Work?

  • Requests are submitted from any and all Sailors, Marines and science advisors.
  • Every query will be answered, even if it does not result in a project.
  • Government laboratories are funded to develop solution prototypes.

What Will It Achieve?

Solution idea solicitations are e-mailed to all Naval Research Enterprise (NRE) members registered with TechSolutions. Government researchers should register for an account at

TechSolutions links warfighters to the government science and technology community to help develop needed technologies as quickly as possible. Our goal is to have a solution prototype in the hands of the requesting Sailor or Marine within 12 months.

TechSolutions wants requests from anyone in the fleet/force. We work closely with the submitter and subject-matter experts to ensure that the problem is clear and the required solution capabilities are well-defined. We then turn to the NRE for potential solution ideas. The submitter helps select the best solution candidate for funding and is involved throughout the process. Whenever possible, the submitter participates in the solution prototype or demonstration’s final test and evaluation.

Sailors and Marines are encouraged to submit requests via our website at (no account needed). Once a prototype is developed, it is transitioned to an existing program of record for continued support and development.

Doing Business with TechSolutions:

  • TechSolutions responds to requirements from the fleet/force, not technology pushes from the NRE or industry. 
  • TechSolutions wants to hear from the Sailors and Marines on the deckplate and at the ground level.
  • To participate in TechSolutions projects, industry and academia members must partner with the NRE.

Point of Contact:

ONR TechSolutions
(703) 696-0616

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