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Division 331 Ship Systems and Engineering Research

The division is focused on providing technologically superior warfighting capabilities at reduced total ownership costs for surface and subsurface platforms through investments in basic and applied research, and advanced technology development of programs in the following areas:

  • Advanced Sea Platforms
  • Sea Platform Survivability
  • Surface Ship Hydrodynamics

Research topic areas of interest that contribute to these focus areas include: electrical power generation systems and equipment; energy conversion, distribution and storage; electro-mechanics; thermoelectrics; phototonics; thermal energy management; stability and control of electrical networks; ship design and analysis; systems engineering; ship systems integration; hydromechanics; maneuvering and seakeeping; hydroacoustics; structural mechanics; solid mechanics; thermo-mechanics; structural acoustics; structural dynamics; computational mechanics; advanced structural systems; protection systems and design methodology; automation; control of dynamic systems; damage control and firefighting; control of acoustic and non-acoustic signatures; high-speed platforms; sense and respond logistics; and inter- and intra-ship material movement and tracking.

Contact Information

Name: Dr. David Drumheller

Title: Director

Department: Code 33

Division: Sea Platforms and Weapons


Email: david.drumheller@navy.mil

Office of Naval Research
875 N. Randolph Street, Ste. 1425
Arlington, Va. 22203

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