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Division 332 Naval Materials

The Naval Materials Division supports basic and applied research and advanced development in the physical sciences and engineering, materials and processing, and environmental quality that enable enhanced performance, affordability and reliability for future and legacy Navy and Marine Corps systems and platforms.

These programs cover a full spectrum of activities from long-range, fundamental scientific and engineering research in the design and realization of new materials and systems to fulfilling the unique requirements of marine and military applications. For example, functional materials efforts emphasize naval needs for advanced power, energy and weapons systems with volume and weight efficiencies beyond current, materials-limited capabilities. Naval structural materials require high structural efficiency, damage tolerance, performance prediction, environmental stability and affordability. Experimental work is closely coupled with the development of models and predictive capabilities for materials properties and behavior.

The examples given above are not intended to limit the scope of ideas; the Office of Naval Research encourages proposals identifying new concepts and projects to advance the science and technology of advanced materials of potentially extraordinary value. The interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature of materials science and technology is reflected in programs involving the full range of academic science and engineering disciplines, including materials science and engineering, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Specific program descriptions and contacts are available through the hyperlinks provided on this page, listed by research themes and current program thrusts.

Document Submission

To upload your documents (e.g., white papers, proposals, MS PowerPoint presentations), access the secure upload site: https://onroutside.onr.navy.mil/aspprocessor/332Materials/. Make sure to name documents using the naming convention specified on the upload page.

Contact Information

Name: Dr. Julie Christodoulou

Title: Division Director

Department: Code 33

Division: Naval Materials


Email: julie.christodoulou@navy.mil

Office of Naval Research
875 N. Randolph Street, Suite 1425
Arlington, Va. 22203

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