Naval International Cooperative Opportunities in Science and Technology Program

The Naval International Cooperative Opportunities in Science and Technology Program (NICOP) is a mechanism to encourage international science and technology (S&T) cooperation in areas of interest to the Naval Research Enterprise (NRE) by providing seed funding when the Office of Naval Research (ONR) headquarters or other organizations within the NRE commit to out-year program funding. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis to ensure timely benefit to the NRE. The NICOP program:

  • Supports transformational initiatives of the NRE
  • Benefits from emerging international S&T
  • Accelerates the introduction of new S&T into the NRE

The key to a successful NICOP submission is pulling together a team of international and U.S. scientists to address problems of naval S&T interest. A NICOP is not intended to continue projects already underway. When requesting support for scientists who have previously worked together, or are presently collaborating, the proposed project must clearly involve new ideas, new funds and usually the introduction of new participants.


Applying for a NICOP is a two-stage process including both white papers and full proposals.

White Papers

White papers should be prepared using the format provided (download proposal format) and submitted electronically to ONR Global grant administrator ( with a copy to the appropriate ONR Global Associate Director.

If you are unable to submit a white paper electronically, you may send a hard copy by mail to one of the following addresses:

From within the U.S.
Grants Administrator, ONR Global
Unit 4540
APO AE 09421-0039

From outside the U.S
Grants Administrator, ONR Global
Edison House at Blenheim Crescent
86 Blenheim Crescent
Unit 4540
Middlesex HA4 7HB United Kingdom

For grant information, email:

Full Proposals

If your white paper is identified as providing particular value to the Navy, a full proposal will be requested and submitted in accordance with the Broad Agency Announcement 14-001 of long-range ONR scientific projects that was published Sept. 27, 2013.

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