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Submarines: Current Fleet - Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles

!Check out a test of DSRV from Navy/Marine Corps News!
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After the sinking of the USS Thresher in 1963, it was realized that submarines traveled much deeper than any of the potential rescue platforms could possibly reach. In 1964, the project to build Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRVs) was born, and the first DSRV was launched in 1970. Today, two DSRVs, Mystic (DSRV-1) and Avalon (DSRV-2), are available to assist submarines in need. They can be deployed at a moment's notice and can be carried by sea, air or land to reach the site. Once onsite, the DSRV uses sonar to find the wreck, attaches to the sub's hatch and can carry up to 24 crew, in addition to the DSRV crew of two pilots and two rescue personnel. The DSRVs are 49 feet long, displace 38 tons, can travel at speeds of 4 knots and dive up to 5,000 feet.

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