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Ocean Life: Quick Quiz

1. Camouflage helps marine mammals attract mates.


2. Why is the Green Sea Turtle's skin green?

Green is prettier than blue.
Because of the algae and grass they eat.
It keeps them warmer.
Reptiles are always green.

3. Myrtle the Turtle is helping scientists understand how turtles hear.


4. What is breaching?

A baby blue whale.
A whale scare tactic.
A mating dance.
A whale feeding behavior.

5. Where do sea turtles lay their eggs?

On a nesting or natal beach.
On shipwrecks.
On their backs.
In seagrass.

6. Marine mammals are only found in the Arctic.


7. What is baleen?

Turtle shells.
Large stiff plates that grow down from the gums of a whale's upper jaw.
Whale tails.
Penguin nesting grounds.

8. Blubber keeps marine mammals warm and buoyant.

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