Access Your Contract Award

All Office of Naval Research (ONR) award/modification documents are available via the Department of Defense (DoD) Electronic Document Access System (EDA) within the Wide Area Workflow e-Business Suite.

EDA is a Web-based system that provides secure online access, storage and retrieval of awards and modifications to DoD employees and vendors. If you do not currently have access to EDA, you may complete a self-registration request as a “Vendor” via following the steps below:

  1. Click "Accept"
  2. Click "Register" (top right)
  3. Click "Agree"
  4. In the "What type of user are you?" drop down, select "Vendor"
  5. Select the systems you would like to access (iRAPT at a minimum)
  6. Complete the User Profile and follow the site instructions

Allow five business days for your registration to be processed. EDA will notify you by email when your account is approved.

To access awards after your registration has been approved:

  1. Log into
  2. Select "EDA"
  3. Select either EDA location
  4. Select "Contracts"
  5. Select your search preference
  6. Enter the Contract Number
  7. Select "View"

Registration questions may be directed to the EDA help desk toll free at 866-618-5988, commercial at 801-605-7095, or via email at (Subject: EDA Assistance).

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