Electronic Application and Submission

The Office of Naval Research now uses to accept all grant proposals. The submission process generally takes place in two stages:

  • White Paper Proposal Submission: Prospective proposers are encouraged to submit white papers to minimize the labor and cost associated with the production of detailed full proposals that have very little chance of being selected for funding. Based on an assessment of the white papers, the responsible research topic chief will provide informal feedback to the proposer to encourage or discourage them to submit full proposals. White papers arriving after the deadline may not receive, and therefore may not benefit from, the informal feedback. White papers shall be mailed, faxed or emailed directly to the appropriate ONR program officer/program manager. For the ONR mailing address, refer to the broad agency announcement section, "Address for the Submission of Hard Copy White Papers and Full Proposals for Contracts, Cooperative Agreements, and Other Transaction Agreements."
  • Full Paper Proposal Submission: All full proposals submitted under the terms and conditions cited in the broad agency announcement will be reviewed regardless of the feedback on, or lack of, a white paper. Full proposals shall be submitted electronically to ONR through

Registration Requirements for

There are several one-time actions you must complete in order to submit an application through (e.g., obtain a Dun and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number, register with the System for Award Management (SAM), register with the credential provider and register with Begin this process online. 

The Organization Registration Checklist will guide you through the process. Designating an e-business point of contact (EBiz POC) and obtaining a special password called an MPIN are important steps in the SAM registration process. Applicants, who are not registered with SAM and, should allow at least 21 days to complete these requirements. It is suggested that the process be started as soon as possible.

Questions: Questions relating to the registration process, system requirements, how an application form works or the submittal process must be directed to at 800-518-4726 or Applicants residing outside the United States who cannot access the toll-free number can contact at 606-545-5035.

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