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Hybrid Complex Warfare Division

The Hybrid Complex Warfare Division is composed of scientist and engineer program officers that run projects aligned along scientific and technical disciplines. Program officers seek the best performers across government laboratories, academia and industry and, in concert with the Concepts and Capabilities Division, focus research investments on the capabilities needed by the expeditionary force. They also discover science opportunities that may lead to a military advantage in a warfighting function, where a concept or requirement has not yet been developed.

  • Land 301

Concepts and Capabilities Division

The Concepts and Capabilities Division is composed of Marine integration officers (MIO) with technical knowledge and warfighter expertise. Division 302 MIOs address the warfighter function-driven challenges by collaborating with program officers to inform project selection, identify technology areas with the potential to solve military problems, and conduct integrated experiments and demonstrations to inform military stakeholders.

  • Land 302

Operational Demand Signals

The Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare Department uses demand signals in the development of its portfolio pulled from numerous U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy strategic documents, as well as dynamic engagement with stakeholders.

  • Land OPS

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