Human Social, Cultural, Behavioral Sciences

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) Human Social, Culture and Behavior Modeling Program invests in research on building capability through the development of a knowledge base, building models and creating training capacity in order to understand, predict and shape human behavior cross-culturally. The program seeks to:

  • Understand the human, social, cultural and behavioral factors that influence human behavior
  • Improve our ability to model these influences and understand their impact on human behavior at the individual-, group- and society-level of analysis
  • Improve computational modeling and simulation capabilities, visualization software toolsets, and training/mission rehearsal systems that provide forecasting capabilities for socio-cultural responses
  • Develop and demonstrate an integrated set of model description data (metadata), information systems and procedures that will facilitate assessment of the software engineering quality of sociocultural behavior models, their theoretical foundation and the translation of theory into model constructs

Download the HSCB area's willful intent slides.

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