Acoustic Transduction Materials and Devices Program

Research on innovative materials and device structures is sought that enhances the performance of the electro-mechanical transducers used by the Department of Navy to generate, detect and suppress undersea sound waves. The present Office of Naval Research program has two thrusts. The first aims to devise and validate first-principles quantum-mechanical methods to evaluate the properties of materials with structural phase transitions; this will enable the exploration of the properties of new materials systems in advance of their synthesis. The second focuses on the new high-coupling, high-strain relaxor piezoelectric single crystals; efforts underway aim to produce and characterize these piezocrystals and to design/fabricate innovative transducers from them for Navy SONAR systems.


  • Mine Identification SONAR
  • UUV Acoustic Modem
  • Vector Sensor Towed Arrays
  • Echocardiography, Medical Ultra-Sound
  • 4D Realtime Volumetric Harmonic Imaging

Program Contact Information

Name: Dr. Wallace Smith

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 33

Division: Naval Materials


Office of Naval Research
875 N. Randolph Street
Arlington, Va. 22203

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