Cellular Materials Program

Structural cellular materials, either as stochastic foams or integrated into various periodic configurations, are highly porous structures with 20 percent or less of their interior volume occupied by material. These materials, therefore, are useful in a number of naval applications. To enhance our scientific understanding of these materials, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) supports basic research into the behavior of cellular materials under the influence of dynamic deformation processes. 

An objective is to integrate different materials with different structures and orientations in order to get superior thermal conductance in complex structures. In addition, ONR is very interested in improved protection from fragments or blast under static and dynamic load conditions. ONR seeks to explore further the use of different materials and materials combinations to enhance overall protection to the warfighter. Experimental characterization of material structures under blast and/or fragmentation threats should yield physics-based models and validated algorithms that, in turn, should enable optimal design of blast and fragmentation resistant structures. Finally, the use of light-weight structural cellular materials for thermal management in non-electronic systems is of interest.


  • Multifunctional structures
  • Blast resistance
  • Thermal management

Program Contact Information

Name: Dr. David Shifler

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 33

Email for Questions: david.shifler@navy.mil

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