Sea-Based Aviation National Naval Responsibility – Propulsion

The Sea-Based Aviation National Naval Responsibility (SBA NNR) Propulsion focus area is a long-term basic and applied research initiative having an objective to maintain the health, currency and technical superiority of SBA science and technology (S&T) in propulsion-related technology areas. With academia, industry and naval aviation laboratories as its source of expertise, the SBA NNR Propulsion focus area will solicit the most innovative and technically sound research topics to fulfill its objective. These topics will be developed through basic and applied research efforts leading to future S&T transitions for naval aviation.

The propulsion focus area of the SBA NNR will provide innovative research and technology in five sub-areas of:\

  1. Energy-efficient processes and subsystems
  2. Turbomachinery and drive systems with enhanced maintainability
  3. Jet noise reduction for TACAIR
  4. Hot-section materials and coatings
  5. Small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) propulsion

The SBA NNR Propulsion focus area will provide the advanced propulsion, power and thermal management technologies supporting future naval aviation needs. In addition, it will support the technology infrastructure necessary to maintain technology superiority while serving as a pipeline of future scientists and engineers.

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