Direct Attack Seeker Head Program

The Direct Attack Seeker Head (DASH) Future Naval Capability is a low-cost, imaging infrared/millimeter wave (IIR/mmW) seeker designed to provide terminal guidance to a weapon used against moving or re-locatable (and stationary) targets in adverse weather and varied environments. DASH will combine all available sensor, navigation and data link information into a high-quality target solution for use in the weapon target tracker. Using template matching it will correctly confirm the target it was launched against, and establish and maintain track, despite adverse weather conditions.

Low-cost DASH technology, when coupled with other proposed upgrades, is intended to be added to an upgraded tactical Tomahawk cruise missile and potentially other weapons, such as Zuni rockets, Joint Direct Attack Munitions, etc. The mmW radar will facilitate target acquisition in adverse weather and the IIR sensor will enable critical, precise aimpoint selection in the engagement endgame.

Program Contact Information

Name: Kenneth Heeke

Title: Program Manager

Department: Code 35

Email for Questions:

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