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    Creativity Thrives in Discovery and Invention

The Office of Research portfolio makes broad investments in basic and applied research that will increase fundamental knowledge, foster opportunities for breakthroughs and provide technology options for future naval capabilities and systems. Office of Research programs nurture creativity and seek a balance between risk, opportunity and potential naval impact.

Work With Us

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) provides resources for the public sector, commercial contractors, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities to obtain research funding:

Sponsored Research

The Office of Research portfolio sponsors research in multiple areas. Key research initiatives include core basic and applied research programs executed by ONR program officers, performed at naval laboratories and managed by the director of research:

Maturing New Talent

ONR's Office of Research is committed to maintaining the health of the defense scientist and engineer workfoce. By investing in the future workforce, ONR helps to ensure the continued U.S. advantage in intellectual capital. As part of its efforts, the Office of Research is participating in the STEM2Stern dialogues to identify and attract young scientists.

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