2017 Naval S&T Expo Poster Sessions

Posterboard Poster Title Last Name First Name Company
1 Development of a Navy STEM Course: Power and Energy, Onshore and Afloat Sharma Pankaj Purdue University
2 NEPTUNE* Center for Power and Energy at Purdue Sharma Pankaj Purdue University
3 Office of Naval Research / SSC Pacific / Naval Postgraduate School Collaboration Morrison J.D. ONR / SSC Pacific
4 Adaptive and Reconfigurable RF Technologies Naglich Eric Naval Research Laboratory
5 Two-Dimensional Water-Coupled Metallic MoS2 with Nanochannels for Ultrafast Supercapacitors Zhu Hongli Northeastern University
6 Heat Flow Calorimetry: Innovations for Test and Evaluation of High Energy Systems Ubelhor Ryan Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division
7 Next Generation Modeling of GaN/SiC Power Devices for Naval Applications Khanna Raghav University of Toledo
8 U.S. Army Medical Research & Development Planning for Environmental/Occupational Chemical Hazards: Determining Their Relationship to Human Health & Performance DiVito Valerie USACEHR
9 Nanoscale Energy Harvester: Nano-Boxx - Power Generation from Chips to MW Birmingham Joseph Birmingham Technologies
10 Zero-power wireless sensors for remote monitoring Bachman Mark Integra Devices
11 Hearing Protection with Complete Situational Awareness Dhillon Paul Integra Devices
12 Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Solid State Additive Manufactured AA2219 Depositions Allison Paul University of Alabama
13 Quantum Information Processing Ptasinski Joanna SSC Pacific
14 Fatigue of Solid-State Additive Manufactured Inconel 625 Jordon J. Brian The University of Alabama
15 Hybrid 2D/3D Ferroic Heterostructures for Advanced Electronic Functionalities Jonker Berry NRL
16 In Situ State of Health Determination for Directed Energy Battery Packs Huhman Brett US Naval Research Laboratory
17 Information Sharing with Entitlement and Intelligent Analytics Palmer K. Grant SRI International
18 Chemical Threat Sensing via Broad-Spectrum Low-SWaP Devices Palmer K. Grant SRI International
19 Fragmentation of Liquid Droplets Khare Prashant University of Cincinnati
20 Design of a hardware test-bed for characterization of conducted EMI and common-mode behavior in future SiC-based shipboard converters Lemmon Andrew The University of Alabama
21 Medium Voltage DC Solid-State Circuit Breaker Munderville Matthew Diversified Technologies, Inc.
22 Assumed Gaussian Reduced (AGR) Filtering for Data Assimilation King Sarah US Naval Research Laboratory
23 Enabling high bandwidth wireless communication through seawater and conductive enclosures Smolyaninov Igor Saltenna LLC
24 Ship-based Biotechnologies for On-demand Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Countermeasures Pardee Keith University of Toronto
25 A Compact Interferometric Radar for Studying Clear Air Turbulence McBeth Michael SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
26 Range Tracking Using Passive Solar Illumination" for the title of the second poster McBeth Michael SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
27 Antenna Systems for Electronic Warfare, Directed Energy, and RF Communications Filipovic Dejan University of Colorado Boulder
28 Wide Area View Passive Tracking System (WAVPaTS) Hollida Raymond Innovative Signal Analysis, Inc.
29 AN/PAQ-6 Wireless Phone, Distance & Data during EMCON Hays Greg Torrey Pines Logic
30 Corrosion-Resistive, Charge-Conductive, Transparent and Catalytic Coatings by Atomic-Layer Deposition Hu Shu Yale University
31 NSWC CRANE Power & Energy Systems Capabilities Korte Darrick NSWC Crane
32 Supporting Reliable, Robust Electronic and Energy Platforms with Thermal Interface Management Silicone Materials Pressly Robrert Momentive Performance Materials
33 NEW PARADIGM OF INFORMATION THEORY: Fundamental change in the principals of the organization of error-correcting connection, multi-channel connection systems and systems with multiple access. Brifman Joseph URDE
35 Shipboard Electro-Optic Situational Awareness, Integration Prototype and Testing Borneman Josh Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane
36 mTRAITS - Mobile Technology Recognizing Attributes In Tasks Score Stainback IV Joe University of Tennessee
37 3D Impact and Blast Self-Sensing Composites using Mechanoluminescent Materials. Ryu Donghyeon New Mexico Tech
38 Feasibility of High-Power Focused-Microwave Directed Energy Transfer using Mass-Market Ingredients and Affordable Manufacturing. Urzhumov Yaroslav Intellectual Ventures, LLC
39 Lightweight, Low-Density Porous-core/Solid-shell Structure Enabled Body Armor Xu Baoxing University of Virginia
40 A Bioinspired, Flexible, Multifunctional Electrode Sensor Xu Baoxing University of Virginia
41 Navy Proximal Web™ Buscemi Jim GBL Systems
42 Cognitive Radio for Cyberspace Operations Costabile James Syncopated Engineering Inc
43 Experimental Study of Under-Ice Acoustic Communications Wang Zhaohui Michigan Technological University
44 Enhancing Learning through the Integration of Mechanical and Electric Designs into Engineering and Technology Programs in a Wider Scale Hsiung Steve Old Dominion University
45 Mimicking Tissue Failure Under Medically-Relevant Loading Conditions Hutchens Shelby University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
46 Towards a portable Magnetoencephalography (MEG) device Lukos Jamie SPAWAR Pacific
47 Energy harvesting: large power from ocean waves, vehicle vibrations, and human motions Zuo Lei Virginia Tech
48 Machine Learning at SPAWAR Systems Center, Pacific Harguess Josh SSC PAC
49 Novel Materials for Energy Storage and Beyond: From Nanostructures to Functional Polymers Chen Zheng UC San Diego
50 Characterization and Calibration Techniques for Multi-Channel Phase-Coherent Systems Dean Eric National Instruments
51 Expeditionary Warfare Power & Energy Innovation Event Fassino John NSWC Crane
52 Above the Seven Seas: UAVs' Future in Naval Warfare Ansley Matthew Georgia Institute of Technology
53 Electronic transport and quantum emission in atomically-thin materials at far from mechanical equilibrium conditions Pettes Michael T. University of Connecticut
54 Shock Waves for Fouling Control and Hull Grooming Wang Kevin Virginia Tech
55 RF Power Laboratory, University of Colorado Barton Taylor University of Colorado Boulder
56 Big Data for Navy Maintenance, Training, and Operations Pokorny Bob Intelligent Automation, Inc.
57 High Electrokinetic Energy Conversion Efficiency in Charged Boron-Nitride-Nanopore Membranes Kim Sangil University of Illinois, Chicago
58 See-What-I-Do: Increasing mentor and Trainee sense of Co-Presence with the Star Platform Wachs Juan P Purdue University
59 Interference Resistant Radio for Spectrum Dominance Roscoe Andrew Astrapi Corp
60 SPEAR® Speech Recognition Technology for High Noise Environments and Hands-Free Applications Hoyt Cynthia TAM (Think-A-Move)
61 Miralon: A cutting edge multifunctional carbon nanotube material to address Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) challenges across multiple platforms Rust Jack Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.
62 HSH Elevated Rail Network Infrastructure Systems Sutton Justin Interstate Traveler Co LLC
63 Multi-Spectral Compact Tactical Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (TUAV) LIDAR laser Wall Kevin Q-Peak, Inc.
64 Autonomous Planning & Robotic Supervisory Control Anderson John Anderson
65 EagleEye Radar: Simultaneous Transmit and Receive Murphree Michael QinetiQ North America
66 GreyNet Lowe Donald R. SPAWAR-LANT
67 Retinal Arterial Gaseous Embolisms (AGE) Are A Non-Invasive, Real-Time Biomarker of Individual Survivability Associated With A Rapid Decompression Emergency Scenario Parsons Travis University of Florida
68 Spectral Vision: The Future Convergence of Spectrum and Cyber for the Internet of Things Drozd Andrew ANDRO Computational
69 A high-order nonuniform sliding-mesh spectral difference method for simulating vortex-induced vibrations Zihua Qiu The George Washington University
70 Smart Surfaces for Unmanned, Automated Cleanup Yang Eui-Hyeok Stevens Institute of Technology
71 Russalesi Michael Synergy Software Design
72 Shipboard Automated Robotic Agriculture: "SARA" Grober David PORPOISE Robotics

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