Focus Area Forum: Assured Access in the Maritime Battlespace

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) hosted its sixth Focus Area Forum, Assured Access in the Maritime Battlespace, on 03 March 2016.

U.S. naval superiority in undersea missions will be tested over the next decade by the introduction of widespread use of fixed and mobile, off-board autonomous sensors, and likely, weapons onboard autonomous vehicles. Autonomous underwater vehicles, embedded signal processing, and detailed physical environmental modeling are all maturing rapidly. While ONR's S&T is underpinning offensive undersea warfare technologies, these same technologies have defensive application. Access to the maritime battlespace in far forward areas will be most certainly denied and contested. The geopolitics of the next decade suggest prudent naval strategic planning be undertaken to assure access to western Pacific marginal seas, the European subarctic, the high Arctic, and straits in the margins of the Indian Ocean.

This forum looked at these challenges in the undersea domain and discussed next generation S&T responses.

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