2009 Naval Energy Forum

The Secretary of the Navy announced five bold energy targets for the Department of Navy (DoN) at the Naval Energy Forum. Click here to read more, or view the Secretary's speech.

Energy is a matter of national security.

It is an essential component in the protection of vital interests in an interconnected and uncertain world. Often first responders, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps rely on readily available, reliable sources of energy to perform a variety of missions, and the vulnerability of energy supplies could jeopardize naval forces' ability to support forces afloat and ashore.

As Americans commit to conserve energy and safeguard the environment, DoN is also rethinking its approach to energy use with an eye towards environmental stewardship. Its emerging energy strategy aims to decrease U.S. naval forces’ dependence on foreign fuel sources. As an early adopter of technology solutions, alternative energy sources and efficient practices, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps act as agents of positive change to catalyze similar change in their host communities across America.

Science and technology investments will provide many solutions, but naval leadership recognizes the importance of policy change to help make the necessary cultural shifts in how its people think about energy use and the decisions they make in all settings, including acquisition, tactical and shore use.

DoN seeks to partner with other government agencies, think tanks, military, academia and industry in the exploration of innovative solutions to reduce vulnerabilities associated with dependence on foreign oil — including cost and control — and to mandate a reduction in carbon footprints linked to energy consumption.

At the 2009 Naval Energy Forum, DoN:

  • Introduced and advanced awareness around its energy strategy and initiatives
  • Presented energy program challenges and discussed possible technology solutions
  • Learned and shared feedback on energy use, efficiency and environmental stewardship

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