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The 2010 Naval Science and Technology (S&T) Partnership Conference was held Nov. 8-10, 2010.


The 2008 Naval S&T Partnership Conference, Aug. 12-14, 2008, focused on current research and targeted technology areas for future investments needed to ensure U.S. warfighters sustain the edge. The conference delivered exceptional opportunities to engage naval leadership and decision-makers, providing valuable insights on building the future naval force, sustaining combat readiness and architecting revolutionary technologies and the business of research. Key topics included:

  • Fighting at Hypervelocity and Light Speed
  • Next Generation Hull, Power and Propulsion
  • Dominating the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Dominating the Battle in Littorals
  • Outthinking and Out-Adapting the Enemy
  • Dominating the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Plenary room presentations and information exchanges focused on each key topic.

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