2010 Independent Research and Development Presentations

Image - Partnership ConferenceThe Naval Research Enterprise met with companies at the 2010 ONR Naval Science & Technology Partnership Conference to learn more about their Independent Research and Development (IR&D) programs. These presentations were designed to provide the government with a better understanding of where industry’s limited research investments are currently being focused.

In 45-minute sessions, presenters discussed current IR&D-funded initiatives being pursued within their companies, with a proposed emphasis on the 2010 ONR Naval Science and Technology Partnership Conference's key themes. Only government personnel — and nongovernment personnel with specific invitations — attended.

IR&D Presentation Schedule


Time Room Company Presentation Title
Day 1 – November 8
1:30 pm Kennedy Juliet Marine Systems Supercavitating Surface Craft (GHOST)
1:45 pm Theater Boeing (Research & Technology) Boeing Technology for Mobile Tactical Networking
2:30 pm Kennedy Bishanti Corp., MEI-Charlton, Inc. Research in Molecular Measurement and Instrumentation Supporting Naval S&T Mission
2:45 pm Theater Lockheed Martin (Adv. Tech. Labs) Ultra-fast Learning, Signal Processing, and Control Ssing Photonic Neuromorphic Computational Primitives
3:30 pm Kennedy Advanced Technology & Research Corp. ATR IR&D Presentation
3:45 pm Theater CellTech Power Direct JP-8 and Biomass Fuel Cell Power Systems
Day 2 – November 9
9:00 am Kennedy Passport Systems Inc. Non-intrusive Inspection Technologies for the Identification of Explosive Material
9:15 am Theater Torrey Pines Logic EO/IR Technologies
10:00 am Kennedy Advanced Dynamics State-of-the-art, Multidiscipline, Multiphysics, Multiscale and Multifidelity Analysis and Design Optimization (4MAO) Tool --“ASTE-P”-- for Prediction
11:00 am Kennedy Anthrotronix, Inc. Lightweight Dismount Warfighter Control (OCU) Input
1:30 pm Kennedy Proton Energy Systems Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis for Navy Energy Storage and Fueling Applications
1:45 pm Theater L-3 Power Paragon Modular Cascaded High Frequency Power Converter (HFPC)
2:30 pm Kennedy Optical Physics Company Detection and Tracking of Dark Ships
2:45 pm Theater Physical Sciences Inc. Overview of Physical Sciences Inc.’s (PSI’s) IR&D Program
3:30 pm Kennedy PARC Summary of IR&D Projects at PARC
3:45 pm Theater Alion Science & Technology The Technological Innovations of Dr. Mark Holtzapple
Day 3 – November 10
9:00 am Kennedy AAI Corp. Common Unmanned Surface Vessel (CUSV)
10:00 am Kennedy Lightning Packs LLC Specialized Ergonomic Electric Generating Backpack for Transportation of Hi-Tech Equipment and Weapons in Foot Patrol Scenarios

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