ONR 70th Anniversary Edition Distinguished Lecture Series

ONR 70th Anniversary Edition Distinguished Lecture Series:
"An X-ray to Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Spectroscopic Look at the Sun’s Atmosphere"

Presented by:
Dr. George A. Doschek
Research Physicist, Solar and Heliospheric Physics Branch, Naval Research Laboratory

An X-ray to Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Spectroscopic Look at the Sun’s AtmosphereMuch of our knowledge of physical conditions in the solar chromosphere, transition region, and corona, such as temperature, electron density, element abundances, mass motions and turbulent motions, depends on analysis of high resolution X-ray-EUV spectroscopic data. The analysis of spectroscopic data depends in turn on spectral line identifications, and the atomic processes governing the production of the spectral lines in the solar atmosphere. In terms of solar physics, X-ray and EUV spectroscopy is relatively new and is a product of the space age combined with laboratory programs such as the inertial confinement laser fusion program and spectra obtained from tokamak plasmas.

In addition, there are parallel developments in the theory of atomic structure and the calculation of essential atomic parameters. This all began in the 1960s and continues even today. The 1960s and 1970s saw the launch of multitudinous spacecraft to study the solar atmosphere. I have been privileged to be a participant in this solar/cosmic adventure to understand plasmas far from home. I will review how we got from very little knowledge of the X-ray and EUV solar spectrum to the excellent data that we have today as well as theoretical tools such as CHIANTI. I will also highlight some of the achievements in the development of high-resolution spectrometers. I will review the major results learned about the solar atmosphere from spectroscopy and how they bear on understanding the fundamental physical processes that heat the corona, drive solar flares, and generate coronal mass ejections.

Event Details

This event is now closed. Watch a video of Dr. Doschek's lecture.

When: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 11 a.m. to Noon

Bobby Junker Executive Conference Center
14th Floor, One Liberty Center
875 North Randolph Street
Arlington, VA 22203

For any questions regarding this event, please email Dr. Sandra Chapman.

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About Dr. George Doschek

Dr. George A. Doschek George Doschek was branch head of the Solar-Terrestrial Relationships Branch in the Space Science Division at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) from 1979 until January 2011. He is currently a research physicist in the Solar and Heliospheric Physics Branch, and the Heliospace Environment Task Area Coordinator at NRL. Between 1970 and 1979 he was a research astrophysicist at NRL, and between 1968 and 1970 he was an E.O. Hulburt Fellow at NRL. George Doschek’s research areas are solar physics, atomic physics, and solar physics spectroscopic space instrumentation. He has analyzed data from many solar space missions and has been a key player in the design and construction of new solar space experiments such as the SOLFLEX Bragg crystal spectrometers on P78-1 and was the NRL PI of the BCS Bragg spectrometer package on Yohkoh. He is PI to NASA for the Extreme-ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode.

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