Contract Payment Information

The Department of Defense now requires all commercial invoices to be submitted via the Invoicing, Receipt, Acceptance, and Property Transfer (iRAPT) website or another acceptable electronic form in accordance with DFARS SUBPART 232.70 – Elecronic Submission and Processing of Payment Requests. The iRAPT program serves as DoD's primary system for electronically processing invoices and receiving reports. By submitting your invoices and receiving reports online— through electronic data interchange (EDI) or file transfer protocol (FTP)—invoices are routed, reviewed and processed electronically, resulting in more efficient payment.

iRAPT Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)?

What is iRAPT?

Who can assist with technical questions or issues related to accessing WAWF or the creation of documents in iRAPT?

How do I get help with WAWF?

What assistance can ONR offer with WAWF/iRAPT use?

Is there assistance available with creating invoice documents in WAWF/iRAPT?

Do I need to register for WAWF?

How do I create new User Accounts for using WAWF/iRAPT?

What are "Vendor Roles"?

What if my organization is not registered for WAWF? How do I register?

Is there a way to ensure that the F-contract number is entered correctly?

Is there a demonstration of how the pre-population of contract number from EDA works?

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