Access Your Grant Award

All Office of Naval Research (ONR) award and grant modification documents are available via the Department of Defense (DoD) Electronic Document Access System (EDA) within the Wide Area Workflow e-Business Suite. EDA is a web-based system that provides secure online access, storage and retrieval of awards and modifications to DoD employees and vendors. In addition, EDA provides access to all DoD grants, cooperative agreements and contracts issued to an organization (including historical information).

Access to the EDA application is based on obtaining a user ID and password, and does not require a PKI certificate to establish an account. It allows an organization to have more than one user account at no cost. Register for an EDA account.

Notice of Award

ONR creates an award notification profile for every grant. The notification profile will use the email addresses from the Application for Federal Assistance, SF424, to notify the recipient of an award. ONR is using the following three email addresses entered by the grantee on the SF424 application to create the EDA notification profile:

a. Project Director / Principal Investigator (Block 14 - Email)
b. Applicant Information (Block 5 - Email)
c. Authorized Representative (Block 19 - Email)

IMPORTANT: In some cases, EDA notifications are appearing in recipients' Junk Email folder. If you are experiencing issues receiving EDA notifications, please check your junk email. If found, please mark EDA notifications as "not junk."

Existing ONR Grants

In December 2014, ONR began transitioning its award notification process from ONR's AwardWeb to the EDA application, completing the transition on 1 October 2015. For any grant issued prior to 1 December 2014, ONR established an EDA notification profile and populated it with the email address(es) located on blocks 13.f and 20.c of the ONR grant document. This is the email address(es) the system will send notifications to regarding any grant modifications.

If your organization needs to correct the EDA notification profile for an ONR grant, please contact ONR as follows:

  • Send email to:
  • Email Subject: "EDA Award Notification Change Request"
  • Provide the ONR grant number
  • Provide the new email address to be added to the EDA award notification profile

Electronic Document Access (EDA) Helpful Hints

EDA registration instructions can be found at:

If you need assistance with the registration process or have other system questions, please contact the WAWF/EDA Help Desk toll free at 866-618-5988, commercial at 801-605-7095 or via email at (Subject: EDA Assistance).

Please be aware that EDA refers to all award types as a "contract;" therefore, the EDA email notification may be misleading. When you receive an EDA notice, please do not ignore it solely because it refers to a "contract."

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