Office of Naval Research's Afloat Lab will feature "Iraqi Freedom" Technologies during NYC's Fleet Week

WHAT: See the technology, and speak with the developers of some of the technologies used during Operation Iraqi Freedom and other examples for the Navy of tomorrow.

WHEN: Special Media availability: 10 a.m. to noon, Thursday, May 22 & Friday, May 23, (other times available through Monday May 26, by appointment).

Afloat Lab open to the Public noon to 5 p.m. May 22 through 26.

WHERE: The ONR Afloat Lab, adjacent to the Intrepid Museum, North of Pier 86, 46th St. & 12th Ave., New York City

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has long supported the development of technologies that give U.S. Sailors and Marines increased tactical advantage in wartime, keep them out of harms way, and improve their performance and quality of life. Several technologies deployed overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom will be featured on the Afloat Lab during Fleet Week. Visit the Afloat Lab website for more information.

  • The Silver Fox unmanned aerial vehicle was originally designed to track migrating whales for the Navy, but was rapidly modified to provide Marines with live views of the battlefield.
  • Surf Zone Crawler Reconnaissance hunts for mines in rough surf and can be used on dry land. Last year the vehicles were used to search caves in Afghanistan.
  • The Dragon Eye unmanned aerial vehicle is one of several featured technologies developed at the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab. Marines from the lab will demonstrate Dragon Eye and its ground-based cousin Dragon Runner, as well as a number of weapons and communications systems.
  • CETUS II is an unmanned underwater vehicle designed to detect, and identify mines in shallow water.
  • The Cooled Armor Vest is a personal heating and cooling device for aviators – and it's bulletproof.

And more…including QuikClot, the first product with the ability to stop massive bleeding on the battlefield; the Digital MP – a wearable facial recognition system for the field; and remote monitoring and inspection systems to reduce crew time spent in hazardous situations. The Afloat Lab is a former Naval Academy Yard Patrol craft now used to test and evaluate experimental systems in an "at-sea" environment. For Fleet Week, additional high-tech demonstrations have been added to allow the public to view the latest in Navy and Marine Corps technology. This summer, the vessel will be visiting several ports to give the public the opportunity to see the latest in Navy/Marine Corps science and technology. Visit the Afloat Lab website for a current schedule.

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