The Benchmarking and Best Practices Center of Excellence (B2PCOE)

The Lead-Free Manhattan Project Conference

Date: April 20th to May 1st, 2009

Facilitated By: ACI Technologies, Philadelphia, PA


The two week, invitation only, event will include a gathering of 16 of the top recognized

experts in Pb-free electronics and mitigation best practices in a very concentrated effort to

collectively integrate and document a set of known best practices. These best practices

would be used to provide uniform guidance for hardware providers and end users in order

to establish a common framework for actively managing the unplanned intrusions of Pbfree

electronics into current aerospace and defense weapon systems, and handling the

reliability and sustainment of Pb-free electronics in future systems.


This meeting will be a collaborative effort involving industry and academia’s most

respected and authoritative experts, in the mitigation and management of Pb-free

electronics in aerospace and weapons systems designs. Guest speakers will also include

top off the line industry experts in the field of Pb-free manufacturing for high reliability

commercial applications.

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