Communications and Networking Program

 The Office of Naval Research (ONR) Communications and Networking Program supports basic and applied research and development of antennas, radio communications and wireless networking relevant to naval applications. Interest areas in antenna technology include electrically small antennas, wideband multifunction antennas, compatibility of phased array antennas with naval platforms and marine environments, directional beam forming/steering techniques, and special-purpose submarine communication antenna systems. Areas of interest in radio communications include anti-jam and low-probability-of-intercept techniques, SATCOM performance enhancements, interference mitigation, adaptive equalization, bandwidth efficient modulation, cognitive radio for dynamic spectrum management, and high data rate tactical communications techniques including communications at speed and depth (for submarines). Areas of interest in wireless networks include mobile ad-hoc wireless networking algorithms/protocols, end-to-end Quality-of-Service, joint/coalition interoperability, service oriented tactical networking, mission-based policy and network controls and management.  

Note: Proposers are encouraged to contact the program officer to discuss their research interest prior to the submission of formal proposals.

Program Contact Information

Name: Dr. Santanu Das

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 31

Division: Mathematics Computer and Information Sciences


Office of Naval Research
875 N. Randolph Street, Suite 1425
Arlington, VA 22203

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