Anti-Tamper/Protection of Electronics

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) Anti-Tamper / Protection of Electronics Program’s objective is to develop innovative techniques and technologies to protect critical technology and critical program information contained in U.S. military systems from tampering and reverse engineering. The emphasis is on advanced, secure packaging, tamper event monitoring, penalty infliction and obfuscation of methods and measures.

The program seeks to add longevity to critical technology and information by developing methods and approaches that protect critical technology against exploitation. This critical technology and information must be secure, survivable, and protected during all phases of system development, testing, deployment, and employment. Technology areas of interest include, but are not limited to, volume protection (including side channel and imaging attacks), component and system authentication, system-unique architectures based on unique hardware qualities and software builds, and prevention of unauthorized access. A key concern of the program is that the protection measures do not add significant risks, weight, or cost to the systems in which they will be incorporated.

Program Contact Information

Name: Betsy DeLong

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 31

Division: Electronics Sensors and Network Research


Office of Naval Research
875 N. Randolph Street, Suite 1425
Arlington, Va., 22203

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