LaTeX/TeX PDF Formatting

Thanks to Adam Maxwell for developing a template in 2009 to simplify LaTeX/TeX production of .pdf annual report submissions to the Office of Naval Research's Ocean Battlespace Sensing Science and Technology Department (OBS).

Note: One PI reported in 2011: "I used the LaTeX file which ONR provided. ... It does not compile as provided. The graphics package leads to large figures only in black and white. One needs to know a lot about LaTeX and the graphics style file psfig.sty to get nice results."

Regretfully, be advised we have no LaTeX support and can only relay for others what you provide. This template was developed in 2009. If you have updated information, please contact the 32 Web Author, subject: Annual Reports.

To access the template, follow this link:

This template overcomes some ‘platform unique’ problems we have encountered in the past, most notably:

  • Formatting at variance from guidance
  • Fonts that display poorly (thin and spindly) on PC computers

The template provided via the link meets the requirements for current OBS annual reports submissions.

Since these submissions are in .pdf format, some changes may have to be made by the original submitter. If changes are requested, timely attention will be appreciated.

* Some pages on this website provide links which require a plug in to view.