Statistics File Format and Content Guidance

I. Modern Template: Ensure you are using the latest template, as we occasionally receive inputs using templates four or more years old. (Download the most recent statistics template here.)

II. Statistics File (as opposed to the Report File): This should be a separate file in elementary ASCII text with the same file name as the Report File, but with a “.txt” extension. It can be produced on virtually any word processor, but must be “saved as type” ASCII text format (.txt) file. Please do not save it as a Word or WordPerfect document rather than an ASCII text document and merely change the DOC or WPD extension to TXT as the ‘parsing’ engine will not recognize the fields. This Statistics File does not count against the report page limit. Important: The Statistics File is the source of all Principal Investigators NAMES and REPORT TITLES used in the over 2,500 HTML links on the “Annual Report” CD-ROMs. Therefore, if the title or PI names in this Statistics File do not match those in the associated Report File, they will not match between the links and the actual reports.

III. Guidance: The template in enclosure (4) must be duplicated exactly in order to allow automated parsing and database import. Extra spaces or tabs used for formatting are automatically removed when parsed to ensure tidy HTML display on the CD-ROM. Leave blank where appropriate. Do not insert “N/A,” “zeroes,” “none,” etc., which must be manually removed.

Note: DO NOT EDIT THE TEXT INSIDE (and including) THE BRACKETS (“[” and “]”). The parsing engine looks for the exact ‘text’ inside [brackets] to identify the database field for which the data is intended. There are NO SPACES or UNDERLINES inside any [tag]. To include spaces or underlines (or otherwise edit) inside the brackets corrupts the automatic ‘parsing’ to database operation.
*Correct example: [title]My Project Title  {database field name is in brackets followed by the field data}
*Incorrect example: [My Project Title]      {field name has been removed, no field data follows the closing bracket}

[title] {use ‘Title Case’; i.e., first letter of all major words capitalized. This is the title that will appear in indexes on the CD-ROM.}
[awardNumber1] {“Award Number” is created by ONR and is not the same as a “Grant Number” created by Always starts with “N00014” for ONR funded efforts}
[awardNumber2] {use if a 2nd award number is being reported on by this report}
[awardNumberMore] {if more than 2 award numbers are being reported on by this report, list all others here for 'manual parsing'}
[keyWords] {separate with commas}
[specialCat] {if applicable, in whole or in part, special program awards including: YIP, DEPSCOR, DURIP, MURI, HBCU/MI, NICOP, SBIR, STTR, NOPP}
[pi1] {first name first (this, and names following, will be used to build indexes on the CD-ROM)}
[pi2] {if there is a co-author; first name first}
[pi3] {additional co-author; first name first}
[pi4] "
[pi5] "
[piMore] {if there are more than five co-authors on the report, list all others here for ‘manual parsing’}
[pi1PhDYear] {year PhD received }
[pi2PhDYear] {if there is a co-author; year PhD received}
[pi3PhDYear] {additional co-author; year PhD received}
[pi4PhDYear] "
[pi5PhDYear] "
[piMorePhDYear] {if there are more than five co-authors on the report, list all other PhD Year here for ‘manual parsing’}
[totalUndergradStudents] {# of all undergrad students supported}
[totalUndergradWomenStudents] {# of women undergrad students supported}
[totalUndergradMinorityStudents] {# of minority grad students supported. Minority is defined as African American, Hispanic, Native American, and Pacific Islander}
[totalGradStudents] {# of all grad students supported more than half-time}
[totalGradWomenStudents] {# of women grad students supported more than half-time}
[totalGradMinorityStudents] {# of minority grad students supported more than half-time}
[totalPostDocs] {# of all supported more than half-time}
[totalWomenPostDocs] {# of women supported more than half-time}
[totalMinorityPostDocs] {# of minorities supported more than half-time}
[bestAccomplishment] {single most significant accomplishment in three lines (255 characters max)}
[comments] {any comments or suggestions regarding the collection, production or distribution process you desire to pass. This will not become part of the final product, but will be considered for future evolutions (255 characters max).

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