National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) Annual Reports: FY13

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Authors Annual Reports
Russel D. Andrews, Robin W. Baird, Gregory S. Schorr, Rajat Mittal, Laurens E. Howle, M. Bradley HansonImproving Attachments of Remotely-Deployed Dorsal Fin-mounted Tags: Tissue Structure, Hydrodynamics, in Situ Performance, and Tagged-animal Follow-up
Brian K. ArbicInsertion, Validation, and Application of Barotropic and Baroclinic Tides in 1/12 and 1/25 Degree Global HYCOM
Fabrice Ardhuin, Francesco Fedele, Alvise BenetazzoWave Dissipation and Balance - NOPP Wave Project
Carin J. Ashjian, Robert G. Campbell, Stephen R. Okkonen, Kathleen M. StaffordEpisodic Upwelling of Zooplankton within a Bowhead Whale Feeding Area near Barrow, AK
Alexander Babanin, Ian Young, Erick Rogers, Jane Smith, Hendrik TolmanObservation-Based Dissipation and Input Terms for Spectral Wave Models, with End-User Testing
Michael Banner, Russel MorisonRefined Source Terms in WAVEWATCH III with Wave Breaking and Sea Spray Forecasts
Charlie N. Barron, James A. Cummings, Douglas May, Bruce McKenzie, Jean-Francois CayulaMulti-sensor Improved Sea-Surface Temperature (MISST) for IOOS Navy Component
Craig H Bishop, Sergey Frolov, Teddy Holt, James Cummings, Emanuel CoelhoOcean-Atmosphere State Estimation And Targeted Observing using Coupled Model Ensembles
John CalambokidisExamination of Health Effects and Long-Term Impacts of Deployments of Multiple Tag Types on Blue, Humpback, and Gray Whales in the Eastern North Pacific
Eric P. ChassignetToward a Global 1/25-deg HYCOM Ocean Prediction System with Tides
Eric P. ChassignetAccelerated Prediction of the Polar Ice and Global Ocean (APPIGO)
Cecelia DeLucaOptimized Infrastructure for the Earth System Prediction Capability
Karen E. Frey, Christopher PolashenskiDeveloping Remote Sensing Capabilities for Meter-Scale Sea Ice Properties
Jeffrey L. Hanson, Kent K. HathawayCoastal Wave Studies
Robert JacobAn Integration and Evaluation Framework for ESPC Coupled Models
Tim T. Janssen, Thomas H. C. Herbers, Gerbrant Ph. van VledderModeling Wind Wave Evolution from Deep to Shallow Water
James M. Kaihatu, Alexandru Sheremet, Jane M. Smith, Hendrik L. TolmanNonlinear and Dissipation Characteristics of Ocean Surface Waves in Estuarine Environments
James KinterLeveraging ISI Multi-Model Prediction for Navy Operations
James KinterAn Integration and Evaluation Framework for ESPC Coupled Models
Benjamin KirtmanLeveraging ISI Multi-Model Prediction for Navy Operations: Proposal to the Office of Naval Research
Benjamin KirtmanAn Integration and Evaluation Framework for ESPC Coupled Models
Pierre F.J. LermusiauxStochastic Forcing for Ocean Uncertainty Prediction
Michael Moore, Alex Shorter, Laurens Howle, Dan Rittschof, Doug NowacekImproving Attachments of Non-invasive (type III) Electronic Sata Loggers to Cetaceans
Christopher Polashenski, Elias Deeb, Donald Perovich, Karen FreyDeveloping Remote Sensing Capabilities for Meter-Scale Sea Ice Properties
Ignatius Rigor, Pablo Clemente-Colon, Lt. Curtis ReinkingCoordination, Data Management and Enhancement of the International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP) - A US Interagency Arctic Buoy Programme (USIABP) contribution to the IABP
Stephen C. Riser, Kenneth Johnson, Marlon R. Lewis, Ernest PetzrickAutonomous Measurements of Oceanic Dissolved Nitrate from Commercially Available Profiling Floats Equipped with ISUS
Marie A. Roch, Simone Baumann-Pickering, Catherine L. Berchok, John A. Hildebrand, Erin M. Oleson, Sofie M. Van ParijsAcoustic Metadata Management and Transparent Access to Networked Oceanographic Data Sets
James M. Sullivan, Joseph Katz, Percy DonaghayA Submersible Holographic Camera for the Undisturbed Characterization of Optically Relevant Particles in Water (HOLOCAM)
Yingli Tian, Walter N. Meier, William S. WeissTracking and Predicting Fine Scale Sea Ice Motion by Constructing Super-Resolution Images and Fusing Multiple Satellite Sensors
Gerbrant van Vledder, Leo Holthuijsen, Kevin Ewans, Emile van der Borch, James SalmonSurface Wave Dynamics in the Coastal Zone
Alan J. WallcraftEddy Resolving Global Ocean Prediction including Tides
Mark WensnahanSubmarine Measurements of Sea-ice Draft in the Arctic
Lucas C. Wilcox, Francis X. Giraldo, Timothy Campbell, Andreas Kloeckner, Timothy Warburton, Timothy WhitcombNPS-NRL-Rice-UIUC Collaboration on Navy Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Models on Many-Core Computer Architectures Annual Report
Kristen YarincikNational Ocean Sciences Bowl in 2013: A National Competition for High School Ocean Science Education
Vladimir Zakharov, Andrei PushkarevClassical and Non-classical Regimes of the Limited-fetch Wave Growth and Localized Structures on the Surface of Water

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