Arctic and Global Prediction Annual Reports: FY12

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Authors Annual Reports
Emmanuel BossShelf-Slope Physical/Biological Response to Monsoonal Wind Forcing and Riverine Inflow - 4D Sampling with Towed Profilers and Autonomous Gliders Off Vietnam
Luca CenturioniPlanning Joint Vietnam Ocean Circulation Studies
Sinead L. Farrell, Jacqueline Richter-MengeOptimizing Observations of Sea Ice Thickness and Snow Depth in the Arctic
Susan Fox, Helen WigginsU.S. Arctic Observing Coordination Workshop: Post-Workshop Report Preparation and Production
Lee FreitagAcoustic Communications and Navigation for Mobile Under-Ice Sensors
Glen Gawarkiewicz, Anthony KirincichTransport of Freshwater Across the Shallow Continental Shelf and Slope Southeast of Vietnam
Michael Ghil, Mickael D. Chekroun, Dmitri Kondrashov, Michael K. Tippett, Andrew Robertson, Suzana J. Camargo, Mark Cane, Dake Chen, Alexey Kaplan, Yochanan Kushnir, Adam Sobel, Mingfang Ting, Xiaojun YuanExtended-Range Prediction with Low-Dimensional, Stochastic-Dynamic Models: a Data-driven Approach
Hans C. Graber, Peter J. MinnettMonitoring of Arctic Conditions from a Virtual Constellation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites
Burton H JonesShelf-Slope Physical/Biological Response to Monsoonal Wind Forcing and Riverine Inflo - 4D Sampling with Towed Profilers and Autonomous Gliders Off Vietnam
Kathleen F. Jones, Edgar L AndreasSea Spray and Icing in the Emerging Open Water of the Arctic Ocean
Dale A. LawrenceAtmospheric Profiles, Clouds and the Evolution of Sea Ice Cover in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas
Ronald Lindsay, Chris ChickadelVisible and Thermal Imaging of Sea Ice and Open Water from Coast Guard Arctic Domain Awareness Flights
Andrew Mahoney, Hajo Eicken, Jenny Hitchings, Christian HaasMass Balance of Multiyear Sea Ice in the Southern Beaufort Sea
Wieslaw MaslowskiPhysically Consistent Eddy-resolving State Estimation and Prediction of the Coupled Pan-Arctic Climate System at Daily to Interannual Time Scales Using the Regional Arctic Climate Model (RACM)
James MorisonOcean Profile Measurements During the Seasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Survetys
Thomas PeacockCharacterizing Surface Transport Barriers in the East Sea of Vietnam
Robert PinkelOcean Dynamics
Luc RainvilleEarly Student Support for the Study of Inertial Motions in the Arctic Ocean
Jacqueline Richter-Menge, Sinead L. FarrellOptimizing Observations of Sea Ice Thickness and Snow Depth in the Arctic
Axel Schweiger, Ron Lindsay, Jinlun Zhang, Dale Lawrence, Jim MaslanikAtmospheric Profiles, Clouds, and the Evolution of Sea Ice Cover in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas Atmospheric Observations and Modeling as Part of the Seasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Surveys
R. Kipp ShearmanSubtidal Dynamics of the Vietnamese Shelf: Ship- and Glider-Based Observations of Hydrographic Structure and Circulation
Tim Stanton, Bill ShawCoupling of Waves, Turbulence and Thermodynamics across the Marginal Ice Zone
Michael SteeleUpTempO Buoys for Understanding and Prediction
Jim ThomsonWaves and Fetch in the Marginal Ice Zone
Michael Tjernström, Gunilla SvenssonDescription of Mixed-Phase Clouds in Weather Forecast and Climate Models
John M. Toole, Richard A. Krishfield, Sylvia T. Cole, Fredrik T. Thwaites, Mary-Louise TimmermansAcquisition of Ice-Tethered Profilers with Velocity (ITP-V) Instruments as a Contribution to the Marginal Ice Zone DRI
Bruno Tremblay, Robert Newton, Stephanie Pfirman, Walt MeierForecasting Future Sea Ice Conditions in the MIZ: a Langrangian Approach
Mark Tschudi, James Maslanik, William EmeryAcquisition of Ice Thickness and Ice Surface Characteristics in the Seasonal Ice Zone by CULPIS-X during the US Coast Guard's Arctic Domain Awareness Program
John Wilkin, Julia Levin, Javier Zavala-Garay, Weifeng Zhang, Weiqing Han, Hernan ArangoModeling Circulation Along the Vietnamese Coast Influenced by Monsoon Variability in Meteorology, River Discharge and Interactions With the Vietnamese East Sea
Jeremy WilkinsonDRI TECHNICAL PROGRAM: Emerging Dynamics Of The Marginal Ice Zone Ice, Ocean and Atmosphere Interactions in the Arctic Marginal Ice Zone
Christopher J. ZappaOcean Surface Temperature Response to Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction of the MJO

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