Arctic and Global Prediction Annual Reports: FY13

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Authors Annual Reports
Stephen Ackley, Sharon Stammerjohn, Ted MaksymWave-Ice and Air-Ice-Ocean Interaction During the Chukchi Sea Ice Edge Advance
Alexander Babanin, Ian Young, Stefan ZiegerWave Climate and Wave Mixing in the Marginal Ice Zones of Arctic Seas, Observations and Modelling
Cecilia M BitzEarly Students Support to Investigate the Role of Sea Ice-Albedo Feedback in Sea Ice Predictions
Cecilia M. BitzIntercomparison of Simulated Arctic Snow On Sea Ice and Estimation of Snow-Related Feedbacks On Sea Ice
Emmanuel BossShelf-Slope Physical/Biological Response to Monsoonal Wind Forcing and Riverine Inflow - 4D Sampling with Towed Profilers and Autonomous Gliders Off Vietnam.
Timothy J. Campbell, Timothy R. Whitcomb, Chaing (James) ChenCoupling Infrastructure and Interoperability Layer Extension Across All Earth System Components
Brian ConcannonLidar for LATMIX
Eric A D'AsaroLateral Mixing
Raffaele Ferrari, K. Shafer SmithCollaborative Proposal: Studies of Stirring and Mixing at the Submesoscale in the Ocean
Lee FreitagAcoustic Communications and Navigation for Mobile Under-Ice Sensors
Oliver FringerDevelopment Of Improved Algorithms And Multiscale Modeling Capability With SUNTANS
Glen Gawarkiewicz, Anthony KirincichTransport of Freshwater across the shallow southeast Vietnamese continental shelf and slope
Johannes GemmrichWave Processes in Arctic Seas, observed from TerraSAR-X
Michael Ghil, Mickael D. Chekroun, Dmitri Kondrashov, Michael K. Tippett, Andrew Robertson, Suzana J. Camargo, Mark Cane, Dake Chen, Alexey Kaplan, Yochanan Kushnir, Adam Sobel, Mingfang Ting, Xiaojun YuanExtended-Range Prediction with Low-Dimensional, Stochastic-Dynamic Models: A Data-driven Approach
Kenneth M GoldenMultiscale Models of Melting Arctic Sea Ice
Louis GoodmanUse of an AUV to Quantify Submesoscale Mixing Processes
Jeffrey GossettImproved Arctic Data Collection from Submarines
Hans C. Graber, Peter J. MinnettMonitoring of Arctic Conditions from a Virtual Constellation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites
Hans C. GraberRadar Remote Sensing of Ice and Sea State and Air-Sea Interaction in the Marginal Ice Zone
Peter S. Guest, Christopher W. Fairall, P. Ola G. PerssonQuantifying the Role of Atmospheric Forcing in Ice Edge Retreat and Advance Including Wind-Wave Coupling
Joshua P. Hacker, Cari G. KaufmanState-Space Analysis Of Model Error: A Probabilistic Parameter Estimation Framework With Spatial Analysis Of Variance
Ramsey R. HarcourtTurbulence-Resolving Simulations of Upper-Ocean Lateral Mixing
Benjamin HoltRemote Sensing of the Impact of Waves on Sea
Benjamin HoltRemote Sensing of the Impact of Waves on Sea Ice
Kayo IdeMulti-Model Ensemble Approaches to Data Assimilation Using the 4D-Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter
Mohamed Iskandarani, Omar M. Knio, Ashwanth Srinivasan, William C. ThackerQuantifying Prediction Fidelity in Ocean CirculationModels
Kathleen F. Jones, Edgar L AndreasSea Spray and Icing in the Emerging Open Water of the Arctic Ocean
Eric KunzeLateral Mixing DRI Analysis: Submesoscale, Fine- and Microstructure Surveys of Internal Waves, Turbulence and Water-Mass Variability
Dale A. LawrenceAtmospheric Profiles, Clouds and the Evolution of Sea Ice Cover in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas
James R. Ledwell, Eugene A. TerrayLIDAR Studies of Small-Scale Lateral Dispersion in the Ocean
Susanne LehnerWave Processes in Arctic Seas, observed from TerraSAR-X
Ronald Lindsay, Chris ChickadelVisible and Thermal Imaging of Sea Ice and Open Water from Coast Guard Arctic Domain Awareness Flights
Amala Mahadevan, Amit TandonSubmesoscale Routes to Lateral Mixing in the Ocean
Andrew Mahoney, Hajo Eicken, Jennifer Hutchings, Christian HaasMass Balance of Multiyear Sea Ice in the Southern Beaufort Sea
Andrew MajdaPhysics Constrained Stochastic Statistical Models for Extended Range Environmental Prediction
Andrew MajdaLow Frequency Predictive Skill Despite Structural Instability and Model Error
Julie L. McCleanSea Ice Sensitivities in the 0.72-deg and 0.08-deg Arctic Cap Coupled HYCOM/CICE Models.
James C. McWilliamsDelicacy, Imprecision, and Uncertainty of Oceanic Simulations: An Investigation with the Regional Oceanic Modeling System (ROMS)
E. Joseph Metzger, Benjamin C. RustonESPC Operational Implementation And Validation
Ralph F. MilliffBayesian Hierarchical Model Characterization of Model Error in Ocean Data Assimilation and Forecasts
M. Jeroen MolemakerSubmesoscale Flows and Mixing in the Ocean Surface Layer Using the Regional Oceanic Modeling System (ROMS)
Andrew Moore, Chris Edwards, Ralph MilliffQuantifying the Amplitude, Structure and Influence of Model Error during Ocean Analysis and Forecast Cycles
James MorisonOcean Profile Measurements During the Seasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Survetys
James MorisonSeasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Surveys Coordination
Hans Ngodock, Matthew Carrier, Clark Rowley, Scott Smith, Timothy Campbell4DVAR NCOM in RELO and COAMPS5
Tamay M. OzgokmenA Non-Fickian Mixing Model for Stratified Turbulent Flows
Thomas PeacockCharacterizing Surface Transport Barriers in the South China Sea
Don Perovich, Bonnie LightSunlight, Sea Ice, And The Ice Albedo Feedback In A Changing Arctic Sea Ice Cover
Mary Jane Perry, Ivona CetinicMarginal Ice Zone: Biogeochemical Sampling with Gliders
Pamela G. Posey, Shouping WangESPC coupled global prediction system - Develop and test coupled physical parameterizations: NAVGEM/CICE/HYCOM
Brian PowellCollaborative Proposal to Extend ONR YIP research with BRC Efforts
Brian PowellUnderstanding Predictability of the Ocean
Larry Pratt, Irina Rypina, Angelique C. Haza, Tamay M. Ozgokmen, Helga Huntley, Denny Kirwan, Bruce Lipphardt Jr., Christopher K. R. T. Jones, Stefan Llewellyn Smith, Igor Mezic, Andrew Poje, Sherry Scott, Elaine SpillerDynamical Systems Theory and Lagrangian Data Assimilation in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
James G. Richman, James RidoutPhysical Parameterizations for the ESPC Coupled Global Prediction System
James G. RichmanAXBT Observations during Trident Warrior 2013
Jacqueline A. Richter-Menge, Donald K. PerovichThe Seasonal Evolution of Sea Ice Floe Size Distribution
Jacqueline A. Richter-Menge, Sinead F. FarrellOptimizing Observations of Sea Ice Thickness and Snow Depth in the Arctic
W. Erick Rogers, Pamela G. PoseyWave-ice interaction in the Marginal Ice Zone: toward a wave-ocean-ice coupled modeling system
W. Erick Rogers, Alan J. WallcraftDevelop and test coupled physical parameterizations and tripolar wave model grid: NAVGEM / WaveWatch III / HYCOM
Thomas B. Sanford, Ren-Chieh LienQuantify Lateral Dispersion and Turbulent Mixing by Spatial Array of Chi-EM-APEX Floats
Axel Schweiger, Ron Lindsay, Jinlun Zhang, Dale Lawrence, Jim MaslanikAtmospheric Profiles, Clouds, and the Evolution of Sea Ice Cover in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas Atmospheric Observations and Modeling as Part of the Seasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Surveys
Alexander F. ShchepetkinEddy Effects in the General Circulation, Spanning Mean Currents, Mesoscale Eddies, and Topographic Generation, Including Submesoscale Nests
Hayley H. ShenAn Integrative Wave Model for the Marginal Ice Zone based on a Rheological Parameterization
Eric D. Skyllingstad, Roger M. SamelsonLarge-Eddy Simulations of Baroclinic Instability and Turbulent Mixing
Vernon SquireAn Arctic Ice/Ocean Coupled Model with Wave Interactions
Tim Stanton, Bill ShawRelationship Between Morphology and Hydrodynamics Below Arctic Sea Ice in the Vicinity of a Pressure Ridge Keel
Tim Stanton, Bill ShawCoupling of Waves, Turbulence and Thermodynamics across the Marginal Ice Zone
Michael SteeleUpTempO buoys for Understanding and Prediction
Miles A. SundermeyerLIDAR and Numerical Modeling Studies of Small-Scale Lateral Dispersion in the Ocean
Amit Tandon, Amala MahadevanSubmesoscale Routes to Lateral Mixing in the Ocean
Leif ThomasIsopycnal Transport and Mixing of Tracers by Submesoscale Flows Formed at Wind-Driven Ocean Fronts
Jim ThomsonWaves and fetch in the Marginal Ice Zone
Jim ThomsonSWIFT buoy observations in the Arctic Sea State DRI
Michael Tjernström, Gunilla SvenssonDescription of Mixed-Phase Clouds in Weather Forecast and Climate Models
John M. Toole, Richard A. Krishfield, Fredrik T. ThwaitesAcquisition of Ice-Tethered Profilers with Velocity (ITP-V) Instruments as a contribution to the Marginal Ice Zone DRI.
John M. Toole, Richard A. Krishfield, Mary-Louise Timmermans, Sylvia T. Cole, Fredrik T. ThwaitesAutonomous Observations of the Upper Ocean Stratification and Velocity Fields About the Seasonally-Retreating Marginal Ice Zone
Bruno Tremblay, Robert Newton, Stephanie Pfirman, Walt MeierForecasting Future Sea Ice Conditions in the MIZ: a Langrangian Approach
Mark Tschudi, James Maslanik, William Emery, Cholwon PaekAcquisition of Ice Thickness and Ice Surface Characteristics in the Seasonal Ice Zone by CULPIS-X during the US Coast Guard's Arctic Domain Awareness Program
Peter Wadhams, Martin DobleWave-ice interaction and the Marginal Ice Zone
Peter Wadhams, Martin DobleProving and improving wave models in the Arctic Ocean and its MIZ
Christopher K. Wikle, Ralph F. Milliff, L. Mark Berliner, Radu HerbeiBayesian Hierarchical Model Characterization of Model Error in Ocean Data Assimilation and Forecasts
John Wilkin, Julia Levin, Javier Zavala-Garay, Weifeng Zhang, Weiqing Han, Hernan ArangoModeling Circulation Along the Vietnamese Coast Influenced by Monsoon Variability in Meteorology, River Discharge and Interactions with the Vietnamese East Sea
Rebecca WoodgateQuantifying the Bering Strait Oceanic Fluxes and their Impacts on Sea-ice and Water Properties in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas and Western Arctic Ocean for 2013-2014
John Woods, Carl Hager, Todd Valentic, Ignatius Rigor, Pablo Clemente ColonEnahncement of the United States Naval Academy (UNSA) Polar Science Program (PSP)
Dick K.P. Yue, Yuming LiuQuantifying Breaking-Wave Dissipation Using Nonlinear Phase-Resolved Wavefield Simulations
Fumin ZhangYIP: Generic Environment Models (GEMs) for Agile Marine Autonomy
Jinlun Zhang, Axel Schweiger, Michael SteeleMIZMAS: Modeling the Evolution of Ice Thickness and Floe Size Distributions in the Marginal Ice Zone of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas

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