Arctic and Global Prediction Annual Reports: FY15

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Arctic and Global Prediction reports are grouped in the following categories below:

  1. Arctic
  2. ESPC - Extended Range Predictability, Coupled DA
Authors Annual Reports
Stephen Ackley, Sharon Stammerjohn, Ted Maksym Wave-Ice and Air-Ice-Ocean Interaction During the Chukchi Sea Ice Edge Advance
Alexander Babanin, Ian Young, Stefan Zieger Wave Climate and Wave Mixing in the Marginal Ice Zones of Arctic Seas, Observations and Modelling
Cecilia M Bitz An Innovative Network to Improve Sea Ice Prediction in a Changing Arctic
Cecilia M Bitz Early Student Support to Investigate the Role of Sea Ice-Albedo Feedback in Sea Ice Predictions
Luca Centurioni Near-surface Monsoonal Circulation of the Vietnam East Sea from Lagrangian Drifters
Sinead L. Farrell, Jennifer K. Hutchings, Jacqueline A. Richter-Menge Applying High Resolution Imagery to Understand the Role of Dynamics in the Diminishing Arctic Sea Ice Cover
Florence Fetterer Managing and Growing the SCICEX Data Collection
Johannes Gemmrich Wave Processes in Arctic Seas, Observed from TerraSAR-X
Peter S. Guest, Christopher W. Fairall, P. Ola G. Persson Quantifying the Role of Atmospheric Forcing in Ice Edge Retreat and Advance Including Wind-Wave Coupling
Dong S. Ko A Multiscale Nested Modeling Framework to Simulate the Interaction of Surface Gravity Waves with Nonlinear Internal Gravity Waves
Ronald Kwok Use of Declassified High-Resolution Imagery and Coincident Data Sets for Characterizing the Changing Arctic Ice Cover, and Collaboration with SIZRS
Dale Lawrence, James Maslanik, Axel Schweiger Atmospheric Profiles, Clouds, and the Evolution of Sea Ice Cover in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas: Atmospheric Observations and Modeling as Part of the Seasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Surveys
Craig M. Lee, Luc Rainville, Jason Gobat Evolution of the Marginal Ice Zone: Adaptive Sampling with Autonomous Gliders
Susanne Lehner Wave Processes in Arctic Seas, Observed from TerraSAR-X
Pierre F.J. Lermusiaux Bayesian Nonlinear Assimilation of Eulerian and Lagrangian Coastal Flow Data
Andrew Mahoney, Hajo Eicken, Jennifer Hutchings, Christian Haas Mass Balance of Multiyear Sea Ice in the Southern Beaufort Sea
W. Meier, P. Posey, L. Li Operationally Merged Satellite Visible/IR and Passive Microwave Sea Ice Information for Improved Sea Ice Forecasts and Ship Routing
James Morison Seasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Surveys Coordination and Ocean Profiles
Thomas Peacock Characterizing Surface Transport Barriers in the South China Sea
Donald K. Perovich, Bonnie Light Sunlight, Sea Ice, and the Ice Albedo Feedback in a Changing Arctic Sea Ice Cover
William Perrie, Michael Meylan, Hui Shen, Guoqiang Liu Propagation and Directional Scattering of Ocean Waves in the Marginal Ice Zone and Neighboring Seas
Mary Jane Perry, Ivona Cetinic Marginal Ice Zone: Biogeochemical Sampling with Gliders
Christopher Polashenski, Elias Deeb, Donald Perovich, Karen Frey Developing Remote Sensing Capabilities for Meter-Scale Sea Ice Properties
Luc Rainville Early Student Support for the Study of Inertial Motions in the Arctic Ocean
Jacqueline A. Richter-Menge, Donald K. Perovich The Seasonal Evolution of Sea Ice Floe Size Distribution
Jacqueline A. Richter-Menge, Sinead L. Farrell Optimizing Observations of Sea Ice Thickness and Snow Depth in the Arctic
W.E. Rogers, P.G. Posey Wave-Ice Interaction in the Marginal Ice Zone: Toward a Wave-Ocean-Ice Coupled Modeling System
Axel Schweiger, Ron Lindsay, Jinlun Zhang, Dale Lawrence, Jim Maslanik Atmospheric Profiles, Clouds, and the Evolution of Sea Ice Cover in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas: Atmospheric Observations and Modeling as Part of the Seasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Surveys
Hayley H. Shen An Integrative Wave Model for the Marginal Ice Zone Based on a Rheological Parameterization
Lian Shen Dynamic Simulations of Realistic Upper-Ocean Flow Processes to Support Measurement and Data Analysis
Lian Shen A Multiscale Nested Modeling Framework to Simulate the Interaction of Surface Gravity Waves with Nonlinear Internal Gravity Waves
Fengyan Shi, James T. Kirby Extension of NHWAVE to Couple LAMMPS for Modeling Wave Interactions with Arctic Ice Floes
Jerry Smith, Rob Pinkel, Andrew Lucas Space-Time Co-Evolution of the Surface Wave and Langmuir Turbulence Fields
Joseph P. Smith U.S. Naval Academy Polar Science and Technology (USNA-PS&T) Program
Arnold J. Song Evaluating the Discrete Element Method as a Tool for Predicting the Seasonal Evolution of the MIZ
Vernon Squire An Arctic Ice/Ocean Coupled Model with Wave Interactions
Tim Stanton, Bill Shaw Coupling of Waves, Turbulence and Thermodynamics across the Marginal Ice Zone
Michael Steele UpTempO Buoys for Understanding and Prediction
Matthew Sturm, Donald Perovich, Marika Holland, Elizabeth Hunke Snow on Sea Ice Workshop - An Icy Meeting of the Minds: Modelers & Measurers
Jim Thomson SWIFT Observations in the Arctic Sea State DRI
Jim Thomson Waves and Fetch in the Marginal Ice Zone
Yingli Tian, Walter N. Meier, William S. Weiss Tracking and Predicting Fine Scale Sea Ice Motion by Constructing Super-Resolution Images and Fusing Multiple Satellite Sensors
John M. Toole, Richard A. Krishfield, Mary-Louise Timmermans, Sylvia T. Cole, Fredrik T. Thwaites Autonomous Observations of the Upper Ocean Stratification and Velocity Fields About the Seasonally-Retreating Marginal Ice Zone
John M. Toole, Richard A. Krishfield, Sylvia T. Cole Upper-Ocean Variability in the Arctic's Amundsen and Nansen Basins
John M. Toole, Richard A. Krishfield, Sylvia T. Cole Acquisition of Ice-Tethered Profilers with Velocity (ITP-V) Instruments for Future Arctic Studies
Bruno Tremblay, Stephanie Pfirman, Robert Newton, Walt Meier Forecasting Future Sea Ice Conditions: A Lagrangian Approach
Mark Tschudi, James Maslanik, William Emery Acquisition of Ice Thickness and Ice Surface Characteristics in the Seasonal Ice Zone by CULPIS-X during the US Coast Guard’s Arctic Domain Awareness Program
Peter Wadhams, Martin Doble Wave-ice Interaction and the Marginal Ice Zone
Peter Wadhams, Martin Doble Proving and Improving Wave Models in the Arctic Ocean and its MIZ
Jeremy Wilkinson Supplementary Measurements in the Beaufort/Chukchi 2015 MIZ
Jeremy Wilkinson, Ted Maksym, Byongjun (Phil) Hwang Ice, Ocean and Atmosphere Interactions in the Arctic Marginal Ice Zone
Peter Winsor Near-Slope Changes in the Eurasian and Makarov Basins from Glider Surveys
Jinlun Zhang, Axel Schweiger, Michael Steele MIZMAS: Modeling the Evolution of Ice Thickness and Floe Size Distributions in the Marginal Ice Zone of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas

ESPC - Extended Range Predictability, Coupled DA
Craig H. Bishop Data Assimilation for the Coupled ESPC Model
James Doyle, Alex Reinecke, Kevin Viner, Sasa Gabersek A Next Generation Atmospheric Prediction System for the Navy
James D. Doyle National ESPC Committee Support
Maria Flatau ESPC Integrated Skill Diagnostics
Justin McLay, Clark Rowley ESPC WU-3 Coupled Global Ensemble Design
E. Joseph Metzger, Benjamin C. Ruston ESPC-2 Operational Implementation and Validation of the Coupled System
Melinda S. Peng, Cecelia Deluca, James Campbell ESPC Common Model Architecture Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) Software and Application Development
Carolyn Reynolds ESPC Analysis of Interagency Extended-Range Ensemble Prediction
Carolyn A. Reynolds, James G. Richman ESPC Coupled Global Prediction System
Shouping Wang Regional Arctic Prediction System
Timothy R. Whitcomb ESPC Computational Efficiency of Earth System Models

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