Littoral Geosciences and Optics Annual Reports: FY12

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Authors Annual Reports
Samir Ahmed, Alexander Gilerson, Fred Moshary, Barry Gross Exploring Techniques for Improving Retrievals of Bio-optical Properties of Coastal Waters
Mead Allison, Alexandru Sheremet Wave-Sediment Interaction in Muddy Environments: a Field Experiment
Robert S. Anderson, Irina Overeem, Cameron Wobus Toward a Predictive Model of Arctic Coastal Retreat in a Warming Climate, Beaufort Sea, Alaska
Emmanuel Boss Flocculation, Optics and Turbulence in the Community Sediment Transport Model System: Application of OASIS Results.
Emmanuel Boss Optical Constituents Along a River Mouth and Inlet: Variability and Signature in Remotely Sensed Reflectance.
Fei Chai, Emmanuel Boss Physical-Biological-Optics Model Development and Simulation for the Monterey Bay, California
Grace Chang Imaging System Performance and Visibility as Affected by the Physical Environment
Alexander Chekalyuk, Andrew Barnard, Mati Kahru Next Generation of Advanced Laser Fluorescence Technology for Characterization of Natural Aquatic Environments
David B. Clark, Steve Elgar, Britt Raubenheimer Short-crested Breaking Waves and Vorticity
Geoffrey W. Cowles An Investigation of the Influence of Waves on Sediment Processes in Skagit Bay
Molly E. Cummings, Samir A. Ahmed, Heidi M. Dierssen, Alexander Gilerson, William F. Gilly, George W. Kattawar Brad A. Seibel James M. Sullivan Biological Response to the Dynamic Spectral-Polarized Underwater Light Field
Curtiss Davis Hyperspectral Imaging of River Systems
Tommy Dickey The Secretay of the Navy/Chief of Naval Operations Chair of Oceanographic Sciences
Tommy Dickey High Resolution Time Series Observations and Modeling of Radiance, Optical Properties, and Physical Processes as Part of RaDyO
Sergio Fagherazzi Tidal Dynamics and Muddy Substrates: a Comparison Between a Wave Dominated And a Tidal Dominated System
Edith L. Gallagher Predictions of Bedforms in Tidal Inlets and River Mouths
Marcelo H. Garcia, James L. Best, Jose M. Mier, Blake J. Landry Characterization of Bed Morphodynamics Using Multibeam Echo Sounding (MBES) and Wavelet Transform (WT) Analysis
Steven L. GoodbredJr., Brooke Ackerly, Jonathan Gilligan, Mark Abkowitz, John Ayers, Katharine Donato, David Furbish, George Hornberger, Christopher Small, Michael Steckler, Leonardo Seeber Environmental Stress and Human Migration in a Low-Lying Developing Nation: a Comparison of Co-Evolving Natural And Human Landscapes in the Physically And Culturally Diverse Context of Bangladesh
Cheryl Hapke Africa Partnership Station: Coastal Processes
Lyle Hibler Geomorphic Modeling of Macro-tidal Embayment With Extensive Tidal Flats: Skagit Bay, Washington
Paul S. Hill, Brent A. Law, Timothy G. Milligan Processes Affecting Exchange of Mud Between Tidal Channels and Flats
Paul S. Hill, Brent A. Law, Timothy G. Milligan Flocculation, Optics, and Turbulence in the Community Sediment Transport Modeling System: Application of OASIS Results
Paul S. Hill, Timothy G. Milligan Optical Constituents Along a River Mouth and Inlet: Variability and Signature in Remotely Sensed Reflectance
Tian-Jian Hsu A Numerical Modeling Framework for Cohesive Sediment Transport Driven by Waves and Tidal Currents
Tian-Jian Hsu, Fengyan Shi Interactions of Waves and River Plume and their Effects on Sediment Transport at River Mouth
Markus Huettel Transport of Gas and Solutes in Permeable Estuarine Sediments
Tim Janssen, Thomas Herbers Wave-Current Interaction in Coastal Inlets and River Mouths
Tim Janssen Wave-Mud Interactions across the Louisiana Inner Shelf to the Shoreline
Andrew T Jessup, Robert A Holman, Chris Chickadel, Gordon Farquharson, Jim Thomson DARLA: Data Assimilation and Remote Sensing for Littoral Applications
Sonke Johnsen, Alison Sweeney, Daniel Morse, Dariusz Stramski, Jules Jaffe Dynamic Camouflage in Benthic and Pelagic Cephalopods:An Interdisciplinary Approach to Crypsis Based on Color, Reflection, and Bioluminescence
James M. Kaihatu, Alexandru Sheremet, Jane M. Smith, Hendrik L. Tolman Nonlinear and Dissipation Characteristics of Ocean Surface Waves in Estuarine Environments
James M. Kaihatu Data-Driven Boundary Correction and Optimization of a Nearshore Wave and Hydrodynamic Model to Enable Rapid Environmental Assessment
George W. Kattawar 3D Time Dependent Stokes Vector Radiative Transfer in an Atmosphere-Ocean System Including a Stochastic Interface
Andrew Kennedy Simulation of Wave-Current Interaction Using Novel, Coupled Non-Phase and Phase Resolving Wave and Current Models
James T. Kirby, Fengyan Shi Simulating Surfzone Bubbles
Brent A. Law, Timothy G. Milligan, Paul S. Hill Processes Affecting Exchange of Mud Between Tidal Channels and Flats
Brent A. Law, Timothy G. Milligan, Paul S. Hill Flocculation, Optics, and Turbulence in the Community Sediment Transport Modeling System: Application of OASIS Results
Jamie MacMahan, Jamie MacMahan, Ad Reniers New River Inlet DRI: Observations and Modeling of Flow And Material Exchange
Curtis D. Mobley, W. Paul Bissett LUT Wrap Up
Jonathan Nelson Development and Testing of Physically Based Methods for Filling Gaps in Remotely Sensed River Data
Andrea S. Ogston Processes Controlling Transfer of Fine-Grained Sediment in Tidal Systems Spanning a Range of Fluvial Influence
Robert J. Olson, Heidi M. Sosik Plankton Analysis by Automated Submersible Imaging Flow Cytometry: Transforming a Specialized Research Instrument Into a Broadly Accessible Tool and Extending Its Target Size Range
Tuba Ozkan-Haller Prediction of Hydrodynamics in Unidirectional Flow
Joong Yong Park Expansion of Countermine Lidar UAV-based System (CLUBS)
Geno Pawlak Hydrodynamics and Roughness of Irregular Boundaries
Geno Pawlak, Mark Moline Hydrodynamic Controls on Acoustical and Optical Water Properties in Tropical Reefs
David K. Ralston Sediment Transport at Density Fronts in Shallow Water
Britt Raubenheimer, Steve Elgar Waves, Currents, & Bathymetric Evolution Near an Inlet
David Sandwell A Factor of 24 Improvement in Marine Gravity and Predicted Bathymetry from CryoSat, Jason-1, and Envisat Radar Altimetry: Arctic and Coastal Regions
Lian Shen Modelin and Parameterization Study of Radiance in a Dynamic Ocean
Alexandru Sheremet, Tian-Jian Hsu, Mead Allison Using Wave-Current Observations to Predict Bottom Sediment Processes on Muddy Beaches
Christopher R. Sherwood Nepheloid Layer Measurements and Floc Model for OASIS
Daniel J. Stilwell, Craig A. Woolsey Sensing and Autonomy for Riverine Vessels
Stefan Talke, Ed Zaron, Chris Chickadel Shallow Turbulence in Rivers and Estuaries
Eric Terrill In-situ and Land-Based Remote Sensing of River Inlets and Their Interaction with Coastal Waters
Peter Traykovski, W. Rockwell Geyer Dynamics of Sandwaves under Combined Wave - Current Forcing and Mine Burial Processes
Arthur Trembanis, Larry Mayer, Jonathan Beaudoin Bedform Parameterization and Object Detection From Sonar Data- Application of Finger Print Algorithms
John Trowbridge, Peter Traykovski Optics, Acoustics and Stress in Situ (OASIS)
Mark R. Tufenkjian Alternative Penetrometers to Measure the Near Surface Strenght of Soft Seafloor Soils
Michael Twardowski VSF Measurements and Inversion for RaDyO
George Wiafe Coastal and Continental Shelf Processes in Ghana
Patricia Wiberg Erodibility and Stability of Tidal Flats: Characterization and Prediction
Dick K.P. Yue, Yuming Liu Expansion of a Direct Simulation-Based Study of Radiance in a Dynamic Ocean
Christopher J. Zappa, Michael Banner, Russel Morison Ocean Surface Wave Optical Roughness: Analysis of Innovative Measurements
Christopher J. Zappa Remote Monitoring of Subsurface Flow Conditions in Rivers

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