Littoral Geosciences and Optics Annual Reports: FY15

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Authors Annual Reports
Mead Allison, Ehab Meselhe Coupled Process Studies and Numerical Simulations of Channel Hydrodynamics and Sand Dynamics in Tide-Dominated River Channels: A Mekong Delta Case Study
Steven P Anderson, John Dugan Characterization of the Riverine Environment through Passive Remote Sensing
John A. Barth, James A. Lerczak Ship-Based and High-Resolution Array Measurements of the Inner Shelf
Paolo Blondeaux, Marco Mazzuoli, Joseph Calantoni, Julian Simeonov Numerical Investigation on the Formation of Sediment Patterns Under an Oscillatory Flow
Sue Chen, James Doyle Impact of ASTER Sea Surface Temperature Observations in the Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System
John A. Colosi An Observational and Modeling Study to Quantify the Space/Time Scales of Inner Shelf Ocean Variability and the Potential Impacts on Acoustics
Molly E. Cummings, Samir Ahmed, Heidi Dierssen, Alexander Gilerson, William F. Gilly, George Kattawar Brad Seibel, James Sullivan Biological Response to the Dynamic Spectral-Polarized Underwater Light Field
Fraser R. Dalgleish, Anni K. Vuorenkoski-Dalgleish Hemispherical Time-Resolved Backscatter and Attenuation Profiling of Undisturbed Particle Fields
Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Kevin A Haas Data Assimilation and Diagnostics of Inner Shelf Dynamics
James Doyle A Pilot Program to Examine High-Resolution Modeling of Coastal Land-Air-Sea Interaction in the Monterey Bay
Steve Elgar, Britt Raubenheimer Morphological Evolution Near An Inlet
Sergio Fagherazzi, Curtis Woodcock Feedbacks between Vegetation Cover, Hydrodynamics, and Sediment Transport in Tidally Dominated Tropical Deltas: a Remote Sensing Approach
Gordon Farquharson, Chris Chickadel Airborne Remote Sensing of Inner Shelf Internal Waves and Sub-mesoscale Features
Falk Feddersen Modeling Surfzone/Inner-shelf Exchange
Edith L. Gallagher Predictions of Bedforms in Tidal Inlets and River Mouths
Guy Gelfenbaum, Jamie MacMahan, Ad Reniers, Edwin Elias Field and Numerical Study of the Columbia River Mouth
W. Rockwell Geyer High-Resolution Dynamics of Stratified Inlets
Merrick Haller Radar Remote Sensing of Waves and Episodic Flow Events
Stephen Henderson Dynamics of Tropical Deltas DRI: Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics of Mangrove Swamps in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Paul S. Hill, Timothy G. Milligan, Brent A. Law Assessment of a New Method for Estimating Density of Suspended Particles
Paul S. Hill, Emmanuel Boss, Timothy G. Milligan, Brent A. Law Optical Constituents at the Mouth of the Columbia River: Variability and Signature in Remotely Sensed Reflectance
Teddy Holt Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System - Rapid Environmental Assessment and Data Assimilation for the Systems Integration Facility
Teddy Holt An Integrated Hydrological Modeling System for High-Resolution Coastal Applications
Teddy Holt Electromagnetic Ducting Research and Applications as part of CASPER
Tian-Jian Hsu A 3D Coupled Euler-Lagrangian Numerical Modeling Framework for Poly-dispersed Sediment Transport Simulations
Tian-Jian Hsu, Fengyan Shi, James Kirby Frontal Structures in the Columbia River Plume Nearfield – A Nonhydrostatic Coastal Modeling Study
Tim Janssen, Thomas Herbers Wave-Current Interaction in Coastal Inlets and River Mouths
Andrew T. Jessup, Robert A. Holman, Steve Elgar DARLA: Data Assimilation and Remote Sensing for Littoral Applications
Sonke Johnsen, Alison Sweeney, Daniel Morse, Dariusz Stramski, Jules Jaffe Dynamic Camouflage in Benthic and Pelagic Cephalopods: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Crypsis Based on Color, Reflection, and Bioluminescence
James M. Kaihatu, Alexandru Sheremet, Jane M. Smith, Hendrik L. Tolman Nonlinear and Dissipation Characteristics of Ocean Surface Waves in Estuarine Environments
Carl J. Legleiter Measurement and Mapping of Riverine Environments by Optical Remote Sensing DURIP: Remote Sensing and In Situ Instrumentation for Research on the Optical Characteristics, Morphology, and Dynamics of Riverine Environments
James Lerczak Analysis of Temperature/Depth Profiles from Sensors Attached to Waterbirds and Pinnipeds in the Columbia River Estuary
Paul Liu, David DeMaster Seasonal Changes in the Mekong River Delta's Distributary Channels and Nearshore Sedimentary Environments
Patrick Lynett Development of a "Spot-Application" Tool for Rapid, High-Resolution Simulation of Wave-Driven Nearshore Hydrodynamics
Patrick Lynett Faster than Real-Time Coastal Wave Visualization with a Phase-Resolving Boussinesq-type Model
Jamie MacMahan, Ad Reniers Inner Shelf DRI: The Interaction of Surf Zone and Inner Shelf Flows & Spatial and Temporal Observations of Wind Stress along a Sandy Beach & includes results from New River DRI: Observations and Modeling of Flow and Material Exchange & Field and Numerical Study of the Columbia River Mouth
James C. McWilliams Modeling Intrinsic Variability and Connectivity in Shelf and Littoral Circulation
W. Kendall Melville Airborne Remote Sensing of Surface and Internal Wave Processes on the Inner Shelf
Arthur J. Miller Data Assimilation and Diagnostics of Inner Shelf Dynamics
James Moum, Jonathan Nash Inner Shelf Mixing: Development and Broad Integration of a New Adaptive Turbulence-Measuring System to Quantify Nonlinear Transport Mechanisms
Julia Mullarney, Karin Bryan Dynamics of Tropical Deltas DRI: Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics of Mangrove Swamps in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Charles A. Nittrouer Processes Affecting Sediment Flux and Fate through the Mekong Delta and Continental Shelf Sediment Flux through the Mekong Tidal River, Delta and Mangrove Shoreline Instrumentation to Support Investigation of Large Tropical Deltas
Andrea S. Ogston Sediment Trapping Pathways and Mechanisms through the Mekong Tidal River, Mangrove Shoreline and Subaqueous Delta
H. Tuba Ozkan-Haller Bathymetry Estimation using Satellite-Based SAR Observations
Vo Luong Hong Phuoc Mekong Delta Hydrodynamics and Sediment Flux
Dano Roelvink Modeling the Mekong Delta at Three Different Scales
Lian Shen Quantifying the Dynamic Ocean Surface Using Underwater Radiometric Measurement
Alex Sheremet Dynamics of Nearshore Infragravity Waves
Stefan Talke Improving Estuarine Transport Models using Satellite Measurements
Eric J. Terrill Land Based Remote Sensing of the Inner-Shelf
Michael Twardowski, James Sullivan, George Kattawar Effects of Natural, Undisturbed Particle Fields on Light Transmission and Dispersion in Coastal Waters
Jayaram Veeramony, Allison Penko Impact of Changes in Morphology on Extent and Duration of Inundation during Tropical Cyclones
Christopher Wackerman Extracting Internal Wave Parameters from Marine Radar Data
Kristen Yarincik The National Ocean Sciences Bowl in 2015: A National Competition for High School Ocean Sciences Education and Stem Career Preparation
Christopher J. Zappa Analysis of Riverine Skin Temperature Response to Surface and Subsurface Processes

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