Marine Mammals and Biology Annual Reports FY12

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Authors Annual Reports
Russel D. Andrews Development of a Cetacean Tagging Best Practices Guidelines Document
Russel D. Andrews Development and Testing of a Datalogging Device for Physiological Measurements of Deep-diving Odontocetes
John P.Y. Arnould Using Animal-borne Cameras to Quantify Prey Field, Habitat Characteristics and Foraging Success in a Marine Top Predator
Shannon Atkinson Marine Mammals and Stress Workshop
Whitlow Au, Marc Lammers Conduct Research on the Foraging Ecology of Beaked Whales in Hawaiian Waters
Whitlow au, Marc Lammers Remote Monitoring of Dolphins and Whales in the High Naval Activity Areas in Hawaiian Waters
Whitlow W. L. Au, Marc Lammers, Alexis Rudd Utilizing Pro-bono Commercial Assets for Marine Mammal Surveys in High Naval Activity Area in Hawaiian Waters
Arianna Azzellino Habitat Modeling of Marine Mammals as function of Oceanographic Characteristics; Development of Predictive Tools for Assessing and Managing the Risks and the Impacts due to Sound Emissions
C. Scott Baker, Dawn J. Wright, John Calambokidis GeneGIS: Computational Tools for Spatial Analyses of DNA Profiles With Associated Photo-identification and Telemetry Records of Marine Mammals
Karl Banse Plankton Production Biology
Simone Baumann-Pickering, John Hildebrand, Tina Yack Modeling of Habitat and Foraging Behavior of Beaked Whales in the Southern California Bight
Mark Baumgartner Right Whale Diving and Foraging Behavior in the Southwestern Gulf of Maine
Mark Baumgartner, David Fratantoni Environmental Influences on Diel Calling Behavior in Baleen Whales
Mark Baumgartner Fine Scale Baleen Whale Behavior Observed Via Tagging Observia Via Daily Time Scales
Thea Bechshoft Measuring Baseline Cortisol Levels in Cetaceans: Developing a Novel Non-invasive Analysis Method
Kelly J. Benoit-Bird, Margaret A. McManus Importance of Thin Plankton Layers in Hawaiian Food Web Interactions: Research Spanning From Physical Circulation to Spinner Dolphins
Kelly J. Benoit-Bird, Joseph D. Warren Acoustical Scattering, Propagation, and Attenuation Caused by Two Abundant Pacific Schooling Species: Humboldt Squid And Hake
Barbara Block Improving Access to and Use of Ocean Observations From Animal Borne Sensors
Alessandro Bocconcelli, Peter Tyack, Petter Kvadsheim, Lars Kleivane Development of a Pneumatic Launcher Delivery System for the New Digital Recording Tag, DTAGv3
Neil M. Bogue, James C. Luby Passive Autonomous Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammals: System Development Using Seaglider
Brian Branstetter Auditory Masking Patterns in Bottlenose Dolphins From Anthropogenic and Natural Noise Sources
John Calambokidis Provide a Vessel to Conduct Observations and Deploy Sound Source for a Behavioral Response Study of Cetaceans Off Southern California in 2011
John Calambokidis Provide a Vessel to Conduct Observations and Deploy Sound Source and a Vessel for Passive Acoustic Monitoring for a Behavioral Response Study of Cetaceans Off Southern California in 2012
Ana Canadas Understanding the Patterns and Causes of Variability in Distribution, Habitat Use, Abundance, Survival And Reproductive Rates of Three Species of Cetacean in the Alborán Sea, Western Mediterranean
Diane Claridge, Nick Kellar, John Durban Assessing Beaked Whale Reproduction and Stress Response Relative to Sonar Activity at the Atlantic Undersea Test And Evaluation Center (AUTEC))
Diane Claridge, Charlottte Dunn Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance of Blainville's Beaked Whales at AUTEC
Diane Elaine Claridge, John William Durban, Phillip Morin, Gina Ylitalo, David Herman Distribution, Abundance and Population Structuring of Beaked Whales in the Great Bahama Canyon, Northern Bahamas
James S. Clark, Rob Schick Fitting Models of the Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance to Data From Marine Mammal Populations
John Cockrem Review of Stress and the Measurement of Stress in Marine Mammals
Daniel P Costa Environmental Perturbations, Behavioral Change, and Population Response in a Long-term Northern Elephant Seal Study
Daniel P. Costa, Barbara E. Block Use of Electronic Tag Data and Associated Analytical Tools to Identify And Predict Habitat Utilization of Marine Predators
Alexander M. Costidis Arteriovenous Patterns in Beaked Whales
Timothy J. Cowles, Kelly J. Benoit-Bird, David K. Mellinger Factors Influencing the Acoustic Behavior and Nearshore Residence of the Gray Whale (eschrichtius Robustus) Along Their Migration Route
Ted Cranford Building a Virtual Model of a Baleen Whale: Phase 2
Ted W. Cranford, Petr Krysl, Carl R. Schilt, Anthony D. Hawkins Virtual Experiments in Marine Bioacoustics: Whales, Fish, and Anthropogenic Sound
Daniel E. Crocker, Dorian S. Houser, David Janz, Nick Kellar, John Cockrem Variability of Hormonal Stress Markers and Stress Responses in a Large Cross-sectional Sample of Elephant Seals
Ketten, Darlene Database Developent for Ocean Impacts: Imaging, Outreach, and Rapid Response
Natacha Aguilar de Soto, Phil Hammond Population Parameters of Beaked Whales
Gerald L. D'Spain Analysis of High Spatial, Temporal, and Directional Resolution Recordings of Biological Sounds in the Southern California Bight
Peter J. Dugan, Christopher W. Clark, Yann A. LeCun, Sofie M. Van Parijs Dcl System Using Deep Learning Approaches for Land-based Or Ship-based Real-time Recognition and Localization of Marine Mammals
Andreas Fahlman, Peter Tyack, Michael Moore, Warren Zapol, Richard Anderson Physiological Monitoring in Diving Mammals
Andreas Fahlman, Bill Van Bonn, Stephen Loring Lung Mechanics in Marine Mammals
Patricia Fair, Gregory Bossart Pathophysiology of Stress in Wild and Managed-Care Bottlenose
Jerome Fiechter, Daniel Costa, Kenneth Rose, Enrique Curchitser, Katherine Hedstrom, Christopher Edwards, Andrew Moore Predicting Trophic Interactions and Habitat Utilization in the California Current Ecosystem
James J. Finneran New Approaches to Studying Auditory Processing in Marine Mammals
Erica Fleishman Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance of Marine Mammals
Erica Fleishman Effects of Disturbance on Populations of Marine Mammals
Kenneth G. Foote Quantifying Effects of Mid-frequency Sonar Transmissions on Fish and Whale Behavior
Ari Friedlaender, Elliott Hazen, Brandon Southall Interactions Among Behavioral Responses of Baleen Whales to Acoustic Stimuli, Oceanographic Features, and Prey Availability
Charles Greene Marine Bioacoustics: Back to the Future
John A. Hildebrand, Gerald L. D'Spain Glider-based Passive Acoustic Monitoring Techniques in the Southern California Region & West Coast Naval Training Range Demonstration of Glider-based Passive Acoustic Monitoring
John A. Hildebrand, Ana Sirovic Blue and Fin Whale Habitat Modeling From Long-term Year-round Passive Acoustic Data From the Southern California Bight
Paul Hines Automatic Classification of Cetacean Vocalizations Using an Aural Classifier
D.V. Holliday, C.F. Greenlaw, David Thistle, Jan E.B. Rines Photosynthesis As a Possible Source of Gas Bubbles in Shallow Sandy Coastal Sediments
Marla Holt, Dawn Noren, Terrie Williams The Metabolic Cost of Sound Production in Odontocete Cetaceans
Marla Holt, Dawn Noren, Terrie Williams The Metabolic Cost of Click Production in Bottlenose Dolphins
Dorian S. Houser, Samuel Wasser, John F. Cockrem, Nick kellar, Tracy Romano Variability of Hormonal Stress Markers Collected From a Managed Dolphin Population
Markus Huettel Transport of Gas and Solutes in Permeable Estuarine Sediments
Kathleen Hunt, Rosalind Rolland, Scott Kraus Development of Respiratory Sampling to Assess Stress Responses in North Atlantic Right Whales
Thomas Hurst, Mark Johnson, Mark Baumgartner, David Fratantoni Beta Testing of Persistent Passive Acoustic Monitoring
Mark Hyman, Michael I. Latz, Grant Deane, M. Dale Stokes Developing a Predictive Capability for Bioluminescence Signatures
Vincent Janik, Len Thomas, Thomas Norris The Ecology and Acoustic Behavior of Minke Whales in the Hawaiian And Pacific Islands
Mark Johnson, Peter Tyack, Doug Gillespie, Bernie McConnell A Multi-week Behavioral Sampling Tag for Sound Effects Studies: Design Trade-offs and Prototype Evaluation
Shane Kanatous Proof of Concept to Isolate and Culture Primary Muscle Cells From Northern Elephant Seals to Study the Mechanisms That Maintain Aerobic Metabolism Under the Hypoxic Conditions of Breath- Hold Diving
Jonathan Klay, David K. Mellinger, David J. Moretti, Steve W. Martin, Marie A. Roch Advanced Methods for Passive Acoustic Detection, Classification, and Localization of Marine Mammals: Annual Report 2012
Scott D Kraus, Rosalind M Rolland Defining the Transfer Functions of the PCAD Model in North Atlantic Right Whales (eubalaena Glacialis) : Retrospective Analyses of Existing Data
Scott D Kraus, Robert S Schick, Amy R. Knowlton, Rosalind M Rolland The Population Consequences of Disturbance Model Application to North Atlantic Right Whales (Eubalaena Glacialis)
Christopher Kyburg, Rowena Carlson, Angela D'Amico Whale Identificatio Logging and Display (WILD) software development
Kristin Laidre, Mads Peter Heide-Jorgensen, Marianne Rasmussen, Harry Stern, Mikkel Villum Jensen Behavioral Ecology of Narwhals in a Changing Arctic
Michael I. Latz, Grant Deane, M. Dale Stokes, Mark Hyman Developing a Predictive Capability for Bioluminescence Signatures
Andone C. Lavery, Gareth L. Lawson, Peter H. Wiebe Field Demonstration of a Broadband Acoustical Backscattering System Mounted on a REMUS-100 for Inferences of Zooplankton Size and Abundance
Gareth L. Lawson, Andone C. Lavery, Peter H. Wiebe Zooplankton and Micronekton Distribution And Interaction With Predators at the Northwest Atlantic Shelf Break And Its Canyons
Bruce Mate Improved Satellite-monitored Radio Tags for Large Whales: Dependable ARGOS Location-only Tags and a GPS-linked ARGOS Tag to Reveal 3-dimensional Body-orientation And Surface Movements
David K. Mellinger, Holger Klinck Automatic Detection of Beaked Whales From Acoustic Seagliders
David K. Mellinger, Holger Klinck Passive Autonomous Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammals With Seagliders
David K. Mellinger Next-generation Bioacoustic Analysis Software
David K. Mellinger Fifth International Workshop on Detection, Classification, Localization and Density Estimation of Marine Mammals using Passive Acoustics
David K. Mellinger, Len Thomas Cheap Decaf: Density Estimation for Cetaceans From Acoustic Fixed Sensors Using Separate, Non-linked Devices
Susanne Menden-Deuer Drivers of Plankton Patch Formation, Persistence and Decline in East Sound, Orcas Island, Washington
Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds Ocean Basin Impact of Ambient Noise on Marine Mammal Detectability, Distribution, and Acoustic Communication - YIP
Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds, Susan E. Parks SeaBASS 2012: a Marine BioAcoustics Summer School
Patrick Miller, Peter Tyack, Sascha Hooker 3S2 - Behavioral Response Studies of Cetaceans to Navy Sonar Signals in Norwegian Waters
T Aran Mooney, Peter L Tyack, Robin W Baird, Paul E Nachtigall Acoustic Behavior, Baseline Ecology and Habitat Use of Pelagic Odontocete Species of Concern
T. Aran Mooney, Manuel Castellote Baseline Hearing Measurements in Alaskan Belugas
Michael Moore, Andreas Fahlman, Stephen Thom, Kathleen Moore, Randall Wells, Andrew Trites, David Rosen, and Martin Haulena Markers of Decompression Stress of Mass Stranded/Live Caught and Released Vs. Single Stranded Marine Mammals
David Moretti, Len Thomas, John Harwood, Diane Claridge The Effects of Behavioral Change in Response to Acoustic Disturbance on the Health of the Population of Blainville's Beaked Whales in the Tongue of the Ocean
David C. Mountain ESME Workbench Enhancements
Paul Nachtigall, Alexander Supin, Aude Pacini, Laura Kloepper, Marlee Breese Self-changing of Animal Hearing to Mitigate the Effects of Loud Sound
Paul E. Nachtigall Ruggedized Portable Instrumentation Package for Marine Mammal Evoked Potential Hearing Measurements
Paul E. Nachtigall Marine Mammals : Hearing and Echolocation at Coconut Island
Thomas Norris, Vincent Janik, Len Thomas The Ecology and Acoustic Behavior of Minke Whales in the Hawaiian And Pacific Islands
Eva-Marie Nosal Improvements to Passive Acoustic Tracking Methods for Marine Mammal Monitoring
Douglas Nowacek, Louis St. Laurent, David Moretti, Patrick Halpin Prey Fields and Habitat of Deep Diving Odontocetes: 3D Characterization And Modeling of Beaked And Sperm Whale Foraging Areas in the Tongue of the Ocean
Erin M. Oleson, John Calambokidis, Megan F. McKenna, John A. Hildebrand Blue Whale Behavioral Response Study & Field Testing of the New Bioacoustic Probe
Susan Parks Assessment of Acoustic Adaptations for Noise Compensation in Marine Mammals
Susan Parks, Sofie Van Parijs Acoustic behavior of North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) mother-calf pairs
Susan Parks, Sofie Van Parijs Acoustic Behavior of North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena Glacialis) Mother-calf Pairs
Paul J. Ponganis Blood Oxygen Depletion in Diving California Sea Lions: How Close to the Limit?
Paul J. Ponganis, Birgitte I. McDonald Deep-diving California Sea Lions: Are They Pushing Their Physiological Limit?
Michael B. Porter, Laurel J. Henderson Soundscapes
Colleen Reichmuth Pinniped Hearing in Complex Acoustic Environments
Peter Rogers, Michael Gray In Vivo Determination of the Complex Elastic Moduli of Cetacean Head Tissue
Rosalind M. Rolland, Diane E. Claridge Assessing Stress Responses in Beaked and Sperm Whales in the Bahamas
Tracy Romano, Tracey Spoon, Stephen Lamb Investigation of the Physiological Responses of Belugas to "Stressors" to Aid in Assessing the Impact of Environmental and Anthropogenic Challenges on Health
Lori Schwacke, Randall Wells The Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus) As a Model to Understand Variation in Stress and Reproductive Hormone Measures in Relation to Sampling Matrix, Demographics And Environmental Factors
Igor Shulman, Mark Moline, Matthew Oliver Dynamic Modeling of Marine Bioluminescence and Night Time Leaving Radiance
Martin Siderius Effects of Sound on the Marine Environment
Martin Siderius, David Mellinger Cetacean Density Estimation From Novel Acoustic Datasets by Acoustic Propagation Modeling
Timothy K. Stanton, Daniel Grunbaum, Thomas C. Weber Modeling Statistics of Fish Patchiness and Predicting Associated Influence on Statistics of Acoustic Echoes
Len Thomas, Ian L. Boyd, John Harwood, David Moretti Linking Acoustic Tests and Tagging using statistical Estimation
Len Thomas, Luis Matias Cheap DECAF: Density Estimation for Cetaceans From Acoustic Fixed Sensors Using Separate, Non-linked Devices
Len Thomas, Catriona Harris MOCHA - Multi-study Ocean Acoustics Human Effects Analysis
Len Thomas, John Harwood, Catriona Harris, Robert S. Schick Statistical Tools for Fitting Models of the Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance to Data From Marine Mammal Populations (PCAD Tools Ii)
Peter L. Tyack 3S2 - Behavioral Response Studies of Cetaceans to Naval Sonar Signals in Norwegian Waters
Peter L. Tyack Tagging and Playback Studies to Toothed Whales
Peter L. Tyack, Frants Jensen Baseline Behavior of Pilot Whales and Their Responses to Playback of Anthropogenic And Natural Sounds
Peter L. Tyack, Leigh Hickmott Behavioral Responses of Naïve Cuvier's Beaked Whales in the Ligurian Sea to Playback of Anthropogenic and Natural Sounds
Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa, Gail Scowcroft Expansion of Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS) Content and Outreach FY11-FY12
Fleur Visser Cetacean Social Behavioral Response to Sonar
Fleur Visser Diving Behavior of Sowerby's Beaked Whale in the Azores
Randall Wells, Lori Schwacke The Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus) As a Model to Understand Variation in Stress and Reproductive Hormone Measures in Relation to Sampling Matrix, Demographics, And Environmental Factors
Randall Wells Evaluation of Tag Attachments on Small Cetaceans
Dana Wetzel, John Reynolds, Mark Viant, Dorian Houser Biomarkers to Assess Possible Biological Effects on Reproductive Potential, Immune Function, and Energetic Fitness of Botlenose Dolphine Exposed to Sounds Consistent With Naval Sonors
William Wilcock, Richard Thomson Continuing Investigations of the Relationship Between Fin Whales, Zooplankton Concentrations and Hydrothermal Venting on the Juan De Fuca Ridge
Terrie M. Williams Predicting Natural Neuroprotection in Marine Mammals: Environmental and Biological Factors Affecting Vulnerability to Acoustically Mediated Tissue Trauma in Marine Species

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