Marine Mammals and Biology Annual Reports FY15

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Authors Annual Reports
Natacha Aguilar, Phil Hammond, Cristina Reyes, Agustina Schiavi Population Parameters of Blainville´s and Cuvier´s Beaked Whales
Michael Ainslie, Len Thomas, Peter Tyack, Sander von Benda-Beckmann Effect of Broadband Nature of Marine Mammal Echolocation Clicks on Click-based Population Density Estimates
Robyn Angliss, Megan Ferguson, Phil Hall, Van Helker, Amy Kennedy, Todd Sformo Comparing Manned Aerial Surveys to Unmanned Aerial Surveys for Cetacean Monitoring in the Arctic: Field Report
Shannon Atkinson, Jan Straley, Adam Pack, Diane Gendron, Chris Gabriele Development and Validation of a Technique for Detection of Stress and Pregnancy in Large Whales
Whitlow Au, Jeffrey Drazen Understanding the Foraging Ecology of Beaked and Short-Finned Pilot Whales in Hawaiian Waters
Robin W. Baird, Gregory S. Schorr Movements and Habitat Use of Dwarf and Pygmy Sperm Whales using Remotely-deployed LIMPET Satellite Tags
Scott Baker, Holger Klinck eDNA Barcoding: Using Next-Generation Sequencing of Environmental DNA for Detection and Identification of Cetacean Species
Simone Baumann-Pickering, John Hildebrand, Tina Yack, Jeffrey Moore Modeling of Habitat and Foraging Behavior of Beaked Whales in the Southern California Bight
Simone Baumann-Pickering Using Passive and Active Acoustics to Examine Relationships of Cetacean and Prey Densities
Mark Baumgartner Environmental Influences On Diel Calling Behavior In Baleen Whales
Mark Baumgartner Fine Scale Baleen Whale Behavior Observed Via Tagging Over Daily Time Scales
Mark Baumgartner, Kate Stafford Cetacean Community Ecology in the Waters of Sri Lanka and the Bay of Bengal
Mark Baumgartner, Tom Hurst, Jim Partan, Lee Freitag The DMON2: A Commercially Available Broadband Acoustic Monitoring Instrument
Mark Baumgartner Improving Visual Survey Capabilities for Marine Mammal Studies
Thea Bechshoft Validating the Novel Method of Measuring Cortisol Levels in Cetacean Skin by Use of an ACTH Challenge in Bottlenose Dolphins
Thea Bechshoft Measuring and Validating Levels of Steroid Hormones in the Skin of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
Kelly J. Benoit-Bird, Joseph D. Warren Acoustical Scattering, Propagation, and Attenuation Caused by Two Abundant Pacific Schooling Species: Humboldt Squid and Hake
Kelly J. Benoit-Bird, Brandon Southall, Mark Moline Linking Deep-water Prey Fields with Odontocete Population Structure and Behavior
Barbara Block, Randy Kochevar Animal Telemetry Network Data Assembly Center: Phase 1
Barbara Block , Randy Kochevar Animal Telemetry Network Data Assembly Center: Phase 2
Barbara Block Improving the Utility of the CATs Video Cam and Tri-axial Accelerometer for Examining Foraging in Top Marine Predators
Olaf Boebel, Daniel Zitterbart Exploring the Thermal Limits of Ir-based Automatic Whale Detection (ETAW)
Lars Boehme, Robin Pascal, Phil Lovell Integration of a Miniaturized Conductivity Sensor into an Animal-Borne Instrument
Rudy Boonstra Quantifying Stress in Marine Mammals: Measuring Biologically Active Cortisol in Cetaceans and Pinnipeds
Cormac Booth, Mark Burgman, Carl Donovan, John Harwood, Len Thomas, Robert Schick, Jason Wood PCoD Lite - Using an Interim PCoD Protocol to Assess the Effects of Disturbance Associated with US Navy Exercises on Marine Mammal Populations
John Calambokidis, Brandon Southall, Jeremy Goldbogen, Megan McKenna, Erin Oleson Behavioral and Physiological Response of Baleen Whales to Ships and Ship Noise
John Calambokidis, Kiirsten Flynn, Bruce Mate, Scott Baker, Stephanie Norman Examination of Health Effects and Long-term Impacts of Deployments of Multiple Tag Types on Blue, Humpback, and Gray Whales in the Eastern North Pacific
Cory Champagne, Dorian Houser Stress Hormones and their Regulation in a Captive Dolphin Population
Cory Champagne, Jane Khudyakov, Dorian Houser, Daniel Crocker Molecular Indicators of Chronic Stress in a Model Pinniped - the Northern Elephant Seal
Diane Claridge, Nick Kellar, John W. Durban Assessing Beaked Whale Reproduction and Stress Response Relative to Sonar Activity at the Atlantic Undersea Test & Evaluation Center (AUTEC)
Diane Claridge, Charlotte Dunn, Jessica Schaffer, Paul Baggenstoss, Len Thomas, Tiago Marques Beaked Whale Group Deep Dive Behavior from Passive Acoustic Monitoring
Diane Claridge, Charlotte Dunn, John Durban, Holly Fearnbach, Wayne Perryman Photogrammetry with an Unmanned Aerial System to Assess Body Condition and Growth of Blainville's Beaked Whales
Daniel P. Costa, Lisa Schwarz Development of the PCAD Model to Assess Biological Significance of Acoustic Disturbance
Alexander Costidis Arteriovenous Patterns in Beaked Whales
Ted W. Cranford, Petr Krysl Building a Virtual Model of a Baleen Whale: Phase 2
Daniel E. Crocker, Dorian S. Houser Variability of Hormonal Stress Markers and Stress Responses in a Large Cross-Sectional Sample of Elephant Seals
Gerald L. D'Spain Improving the Navy's Passive Underwater Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammal Populations
Christine Erbe Marine Mammals and Noise - Progress Since 1995
Andreas Fahlman, Peter Tyack, Michael Moore, Warren Zapol, Richard Anderson Physiological Monitoring in Diving Mammals
Andreas Fahlman Modeling Gas Dynamics in California Sea Lions
Jerome Fiechter, Daniel Costa, Kenneth Rose, Enrique Curchitser, Katherine Hedstrom, Christopher Edwards, Andrew Moore Predicting Trophic Interactions and Habitat Utilization in the California Current Ecosystem
Marco Flagg, Thomas F. Norris The Development of Advanced Passive Acoustic Monitoring Systems Using microMARS Technology
Erica Fleishman Effects of Disturbance on Populations of Marine Mammals
Ari S. Friedlaender, Brandon L. Southall, Elliott L. Hazen Interactions Among Behavioral Responses of Baleen Whales to Acoustic Stimuli, Oceanographic Features, and Prey Availability
Charles Greene Marine Bioacoustics: Soundtracks for the Future
Frances Gulland Support for Society for Marine Mammalogy 2015 Biennial Conference
Tyler A. Helble Obtaining Acoustic Cue Rate Estimates for some Mysticete Species Using Existing Data
John A Hildebrand Workshop on the Detection, Classification, Localization and Density Estimation of Marine Mammals using Passive Acoustics - 2015
Paul C Hines, Carolyn M Binder Quantifying the Effects of Propagation on Classification of Cetacean Vocalizations
Dorian S. Houser, Samuel Wasser, John F. Cockrem, Nick kellar, Tracy Romano Variability of Hormonal Stress Markers Collected from a Managed Dolphin Population
Dorian S. Houser Variability of Hormonal Stress Markers Collected from a Managed Dolphin Population
Kathleen Hunt, Rosalind Rolland, Scott Kraus Development of Novel Noninvasive Methods of Stress Assessment in Baleen Whales
Frants H. Jensen, Peter L. Tyack, Laela S. Sayigh Social Ecology and Group Cohesion in Pilot Whales and Their Responses to Playback Of Anthropogenic and Natural Sounds
Mark Johnson, Todd Lindstrom, Bernie McConnell, Russ Andrews Design Of A Multi-week Sound And Motion Recording And Telemetry (SMRT) Tag For Behavioral Studies On Whales
Jonathan Klay, David K. Mellinger, David J. Moretti, Steve W. Martin, Marie A. Roch Advanced Methods for Passive Acoustic Detection, Classification, and Localization of Marine Mammals
Holger Klinck, Haru Matsumoto, David K. Mellinger, Robert P. Dziak Long-term Acoustic Real-Time Sensor for Polar Areas (LARA)
Holger Klinck, Haru Matsumoto, David K. Mellinger Field Testing and Performance Evaluation of the Long-range Acoustic Real-time Sensor for Polar Areas (LARA)
Scott D. Kraus, Rob Schick, Amy R. Knowlton, Rosalind M. Rolland The Population Consequences of Disturbance Model Application to North Atlantic Right Whales (Eubalaena glacialis)
Kristin Laidre, Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen, Marianne Rasmussen, Harry Stern, Mikkel Villum Jensen Behavioral Ecology of Narwhals in a Changing Arctic
Frans-Peter Lam, Marije Siemensma, Rene Dekeling Organization of ESOMM-2014 Conference
Marc O. Lammers, Julie N. Oswald Does Depth Matter? Examining Factors That Could Influence the Acoustic Identification of Odontocete Species on Bottom-Moored Recorders
David Lusseau, Daniel P. Costa Predicting the Ability of Marine Mammal Populations to Compensate For Behavioral Disturbances
David Lusseau Understanding the Onset of Health Impacts Caused by Disturbance
Peter T. Madsen, Birgitte I. McDonald Tag-based Heart Rate Measurements of Harbor Porpoises During Normal and Noise-exposed Dives to Study Stress Responses
David K. Mellinger Next-Generation Bioacoustic Analysis Software
David K. Mellinger Cheap DECAF: Density Estimation for Cetaceans from Acoustic Fixed Sensors Using Separate, Non-linked Devices
David K. Mellinger, Holger Klinck, Neil M. Bogue, James C. Luby Acoustically Equipped Ocean Gliders for Environmental and Oceanographic Research
Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds Ocean Basin Impact of Ambient Noise on Marine Mammal Detectability, Distribution, and Acoustic Communication
Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds Large Scale Density Estimation of Blue and Fin Whales (LSD)
Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds YIP Expansion: Ocean Basin Impact of Ambient Noise on Marine Mammal Detectability, Distribution, and Acoustic Communication
Patrick Miller 3S2: Behavioral Response Studies of Cetaceans to Navy Sonar Signals in Norwegian Waters
Patrick Miller A Study to Interpret the Biological Significance of Behavior Associated with 3S Experimental Sonar Exposures
Patrick Miller Off-range Beaked Whale Studies (ORBS): Baseline Data and Tagging Development for Northern Bottlenose Whales (Hyperoodon Ampulatus) off Jan Mayen, Norway
Jeffrey Moore, Jay Barlow, Dave Moretti, Erin Falcone, Greg Schorr, Alex Curtis A Power Analysis and Recommended Study Design to Directly Detect Population-Level Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance
Michael Moore, Andreas Fahlman Markers of Decompression Stress of Mass Stranded/Live Caught and Released vs. Single Stranded Marine Mammals
Michael Moore, Andreas Fahlman, Antionio Fernandes, William McLellan, Ann Pabst Measuring Compartment Size and Gas Solubility in Marine Mammals
David Moretti, Len Thomas, John Harwood, Erin Falcone A Population Consequence of Acoustic Disturbance Model for Cuvier’s Beaked Whale (Ziphius cavirostris) in Southern California
Paul E. Nachtigall, Aude F. Pacini Portable Multi Hydrophone Array for Field and Laboratory Measurements of Odontocete Acoustic Signals
Dawn P. Noren, Marla M. Holt, Robin C. Dunkin, Terrie M. Williams Comparative and Cumulative Energetic Costs of Odontocete Responses to Anthropogenic Disturbance
Eva-Marie Nosal Improvements to Passive Acoustic Tracking Methods for Marine Mammal Monitoring
Douglas Nowacek, Andrew Read, John Horne A Moored System for Understanding the Temporal Variability of Prey Fields of Deep Diving Predators off Cape Hatteras and Response to Gulf Stream Fronts
Julie N. Oswald, Tina M. Yack Development of Automated Whistle and Click Classifiers for Odontocete Species in the Western Atlantic Ocean and the Waters Surrounding the Hawaiian Islands
Susan Parks, Sofie Van Parijs Acoustic Behavior of North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis) Mother-calf Pairs
Paul Ponganis Deep-Diving California Sea Lions: Are They Pushing Their Physiological Limits?
Paul Ponganis Blood Oxygen Conservation in Diving Sea Lions: How Low Does Oxygen Really Go?
Michael B. Porter, Laurel J. Henderson Soundscapes
Susan Roberts, Deborah Glickson Cumulative Effects of Human Activities on Marine Mammal Populations
Marie A. Roch, Margareta Ackerman, Simone Baumann-Pickering Unsupervised Learning (Clustering) of Odontocete Echolocation Clicks
Peter Rogers, Michael Gray Augmentation of the In Vivo Elastic Properties Measurement System to Include Bulk Properties
Rosalind M. Rolland, Diane E. Claridge, Kathleen E. Hunt, Charlotte A. Dunn, Scott D. Kraus Assessing Stress Responses in Beaked and Sperm Whales in the Bahamas
Tracy Romano, Ebru Unal Investigation of the Molecular Response in Blood and Skin of Belugas in Response to "Stressors"
Lori Schwacke, Randall Wells The Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) as a Model to Understand Variation in Stress and Reproductive Hormone Measures in Relation to Sampling Matrix, Demographics, and Environmental Factors
Jessica Shaffer, Paul Baggenstoss, Diane Claridge, Charlotte Dunn, Tiago Marques, Len Thomas Beaked Whale Group Deep Dive Behavior from Passive Acoustic Monitoring
K. Alex Shorter, Tom Hurst, Mark Johnson Finalizing the DTAG: Implementation and Testing of Design Improvements for Reliability and Availability
Martin Siderius , David Mellinger Application of Density Estimation Methods to Datasets Collected From a Glider
Ana Sirovic, John A. Hildebrand Blue and Fin Whales Habitat Modeling from Long-term Year-Round Passive Acoustic Data from the Southern California Bight
Ana Sirovic, John Calambokidis Behavioral Context of Blue and Fin Whale Calling for Density Estimation
Ana Sirovic Acoustic Moorings for Integrated Cetacean-Prey Studies
Jonas Teilmann, Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen Acquisition of Oceanographic Measurements from Baleen Whales & Acquisition of Oceanographic Measurements from Baleen Whales: Field Deployments of Tags Developed Under Grant ONR
Aaron Thode, Janice Straley Range-Depth Tracking of Sounds from a Single-Point Deployment by Exploiting the Deep-Water Sound Speed Minimum
Len Thomas, Ian L. Boyd, John Harwood, David Moretti LATTE - Linking Acoustic Tests and Tagging using statistical Estimation
Len Thomas, Catriona Harris MOCHA - Multi-Study Ocean Acoustics Human Effects Analysis
Len Thomas, John Harwood, Catriona Harris, Robert S. Schick Statistical Tools for Fitting Models of the Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance to Data from Marine Mammal Populations (PCAD Tools II)
Len Thomas, Danielle Harris Large Scale Density Estimation of Blue and Fin Whales: Utilizing Sparse Array Data to Develop and Implement a New Method for Estimating Blue and Fin Whale Density
Len Thomas, Peter Tyack, Michael Ainslie, Sander vonBenda-Beckmann Effect of Broadband Nature of Marine Mammal Echolocation Clicks on Click-Based Population Density Estimates
Len Thomas, Danielle Harris, Holger Klinck, David Mellinger Develop a General Framework for Estimating Cetacean Density from Data Collected by Slow-Moving Autonomous Ocean Vehicles, Investigating Key Aspects of Survey Design, Data Collection, and Data Analysis
Len Thomas, Tiago Marques, Jessica Shaffer, Paul Baggenstoss, Diane Claridge Beaked Whale Group Deep Dive Behavior from Passive Acoustic Monitoring
Len Thomas, Catriona Harris Behavioral Response Research Evaluation Workshop (BRREW)
Laura Thompson, Tracy Romano Evaluation of Non-Lethal Effects of N2 Bubbles on Marine Mammal Health and the Potential Role of Immune Activity in Facilitating the Development of Dive Related Injury
Stephen J. Trumble, Sascha Usenko Determining Baseline Stress-Related Hormone Values in Large Cetaceans
Peter L. Tyack 3S2: Behavioral Response Studies of Cetaceans to Navy Sonar Signals in Norwegian Waters
Peter L. Tyack, Leigh Hickmott Behavioral Responses of Naïve Cuvier's Beaked Whales in the Ligurian Sea to Playback of Anthropogenic and Natural Sounds
Peter L. Tyack, Leigh S. Hickmott, Alessandro Bocconcelli, Diane E. Claridge, Charlotte Dunn Comparing the Foraging Efficiency of Beaked Whales On and Off Naval Ranges
Fleur Visser Cetacean Social Behavioral Response to Sonar Exposure
Colin Ware TrackPlot Enhancements: Support for Multiple Animal Tracks and Gyros
Thomas Weber, Daniel Grunbaum Modeling Statistics of Fish Patchiness and Predicting Associated Influence on Statistics of Acoustic Echoes
Kristi West, William Walker, Robin Baird The Diet Composition of Beaked Whales and Melon-Headed Whales from the North Pacific
William Wilcock, David Mellinger An Investigation of Fin and Blue Whales in the NE Pacific Ocean using Data from Cascadia Initiative Ocean Bottom Seismometers
Terrie M. Williams High Risk Behaviors in Marine Mammals: Linking Behavioral Responses to Anthropogenic Disturbance to Biological Consequences
Alexandre Zerbini, Michael Moore Improving Large Cetacean Implantable Satellite Tag Designs to Maximize Tag Robustness and Minimize Health Effects to Individual Animals

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