Marine Meteorology and Atmospheric Effects Annual Reports FY12

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Authors Annual Reports
Bruce Albrecht Aerosol Cloud-Drizzle-Turbulence Interactions in Boundary Layer Clouds
Edgar L Andreas, Larry Mahrt Predicting the Turbulent Air-Sea Surface Fluxes, Including Spray Effects, from Weak to Strong Winds
Amalia E. Barrios, Nathan Fuhrer, Peter Gerstoft, Caglar Yardim, Ali Karimian Optimizing Refractivity From Clutter (RFC) for Surface-Based Ducts
William R. Boos Understanding the Global Distribution of Monsoon Depressions
Wm. Alan Brewer Analysis of Low Level Winds Measured by a Ship-Mounted, High Resolution Doppler Lidar during the Dynamics of the Madden Julian Oscillation (DYANMO) Experiment
James A. Brey The Maury Project
C.-P. Chang Convection and Shear Flow in TC Development and Intensification
Shuyi S. Chen A Unified Air-Sea Interface for Fully Coupled Atmosphere-Wave-Ocean Models for Improving Intensity Prediction of Tropical Cyclones
Shuyi S. Chen Aircraft Measurements for Understanding Air-Sea Coupling and Improving Coupled Model Predictions Over the Indian Ocean
Sue Chen, James Doyle, Paul May, Jerome Schmidt Coupled COAMPS Extended Range MJO Prediction
James Doyle, Yi Jin, Alex Reineke Improvement of High-Resolution Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensity Forecasts using COAMPS-TC
Dale R. Durran Characterization of Mesoscale Predictability
Stephen D. Eckermann New Approaches to the Parameterization of Gravity-Wave and Flow-Blocking Drag due to Unresolved Mesoscale Orography Guided by Mesoscale Model Predictability Research
Stephen D. Eckermann Capturing the Stratosphere's Influence on Seasonal and Intraseasonal Predictability in a State-of-the-Art Navy Global Environmental Model (NAVGEM)
James Edson An Investigation of Turbulent Heat Exchange in the Subtropics
Russell L Elsberry Intraseasonal Forecasts of Tropical Cyclone Events: Transition to Operations
George D. Emmitt, Kevin Godwin, Steven Greco Investigation of the Air-Wave-Sea Interaction Modes Using an Airborne Doppler Wind Lidar
Maria Flatau, Sue Chen, Toshiaki Shinoda, Tommy Jensen The influence of atmosphere-ocean interaction on MJO development of propagation
Piotr J. Flatau Experimental validation of the Navy air-sea-wave coupled forecasting models
Sasa Gabersek, Alex Reinecke, James Doyle, Dale Durran Variable Resolution Dynamical Cores with Full Physics
Isaac Ginis Super-Parameterization of Boundary Layer Roll Vortices in Tropical Cyclone Models
Francis X. Giraldo Next-Generation Global and Mesoscale Atmospheric Models
Joshua P. Hacker, Cari G. Kaufman State-Space Analysis of Model Error: a Probabilistic Parameter Estimation Framework With Spatial Analysis of Variance
Gregory J. Hakim Dynamics and Predictability of Tropical Cyclone Genesis, Structure and Intensity Change
Patrick A. Harr, Russell L. Elsberry Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Formation and Structure Change in TCS-08
Jeffrey D. Hawkins NRL Satellite Support for DYNAMO Field Program
Dean A. Hegg, David S. Covert The Interaction of Water and Aerosols in the Marine Boundary Layer: a Study of Selected Processes Impacting Radiative Transfer and Cloudiness
Bogumil Jakubiak, Teddy Holt, Richard Hodur Implementation of Modeling the Land-Surface/Atmosphere Interactions to Mesoscale Model COAMPS
Yi Jin, William T. THompson, Hao Jin, James Doyle COAMPS User Support
Yefim L. Kogan Parameterization of cumulus convective cloud systems in mesoscale forecast models
Tim Li, Melinda Peng Analysis and High-Resolution Modeling of Tropical Cyclogenesis during the TCS-08 and TPARC Field Campaign
Tim Li, Melinda Peng Initialization of Tropical Cyclone structure for operational application
Tim Li, Shian-Jiann Lin, Melinda Peng Toward Seamless Weather-Climate Prediction With a Global Cloud Resolving Model
Sharanya J. Majumdar, Melinda S. Peng, Carolyn A. Reynolds, James D. Doyle, Chun-Chieh Wu Using NOGAPS Singular Vectors to Diagnose Large-scale Influences on Tropical Cyclogenesis
Caren Marzban, David W. Jones, Scott A. Sandgathe Verification-Based Model Tuning
David B. Mechem Improving Mesoscale Prediction of Shallow Convection and Cloud Regime Transitions in NRL COAMPS
Arthur J. Miller, Duane Waliser Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics and Predictability of MJO's
Takemasa Miyoshi, Eugenia Kalnay, Kayo Ide, Craig Bishop Data Assimilation and Predictability Studies for Improving Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasts
Michael T. Montgomery, Michael M. Bell Continued Analysis on Multiscale Aspects of Tropical Cyclone Formation, Structure Change and Predictability in the Western North Pacific Region as Part of the TCS08 DRI
James Moum Subsurface Fluxes Beneath Large-Scale Convective Centers in the Indian Ocean: Coupled Air-Wave-Sea Processes in the Subtropics
Ragu Murtugudde, Markus Jochum Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics and Predictability of MJO's
Robert Pincus Flexible Radiation codes for Numerical Weather Prediction Across Space and Time Scales
Robert Pinkel Ocean Dynamics
Zhaoxia Pu The Properties of Convective Clouds Over the Western Pacific and Their Relationship to the Environment of Tropical Cyclones
Julie Pullen Ocean Coupling to Topographically-Enhanced Atmospheric Flow
David J. Raymond Analysis of Data From TCS-08
Michael J. Reeder Initialization, Prediction and Diagnosis of the Rapid Intensification of Tropical Cyclones using the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator, ACCESS
Jeffrey S. Reid Aerosol Observability and Data Assimilation Investigations in Support of Atmospheric Composition Forecasts
James Ridout, Melinda Peng, Maria Flatau Physics Parameterization for Seasonal Prediction
Elizabeth A. Ritchie Understanding the Microphysical Properties of Developing Cloud Clusters during TCS-08
Ted Rogers Optimizing Refractivity From Clutter (RFC) for Surface-Based Ducts
John H. Seinfeld Marine Aerosols: Hygroscopicity and Aerosol-Cloud Relationships
Hyodae Seo Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics and Predictability of MJO's
Todd D. Sikora Applications of Synthetic Aperture Radar to Meteorology and Oceanography Command Operations
Armin Sorooshian Understanding the Nature of Marine Aerosols and Their Effects in the Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere System
Istvan Szunyogh Coupled Global-Regional Data Assimilation Using Joint States
Istvan Szunyogh Tropical Cyclone Ensemble Data Assimilation
Joao Teixeira A Framework to Evaluate Unified Parameterizations for Seasonal Prediction: An LES/SCM Parameterization Test-bed
Joao Teixeira Unified Cloud and Mixing Parameterizations of the Marine Boundary Layer: EDMF and PDF-based cloud approaches
Michael Tjernström, Gunilla Svensson Improved Atmospheric Stable Boundary Layer Formulations for Navy Seasonal Forecasting
J. Scott Tyo Augmentation of Early Intensity Forecasting in Tropical Cyclones
Christopher Velden, Sharanya J. Majumdar, Hui Liu, Jun Li, James Doyle Achieving Superior Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasts by Improving the Assimilation of High-Resolution Satellite Data into Mesoscale Prediction Models
Christopher Velden, Sharanya J. Majumdar Advanced Satellite-Derived Wind Observations, Assimilation, and Targeting Strategies During TCS-08 for Developing Improved Operational Analysis and Prediction of Western Pacific Tropical Cyclones
Qing Wang, Anthony Bucholtz Aircraft Observations for Improved Physical Parameterization for Seasonal Prediction
Qing Wang, Anthony Bucholtz Understanding Air-Sea Coupling Processes and Coupled Model Predictions Using GOTEX Measurements and COAMPS/NCOM and Aircraft Measurements for Understanding Air-Sea Coupling and Improving Coupled Model Predictions
Zhuo Wang, Melinda S. Peng Toward Better Intraseasonal and Seasonal Prediction: Verification and Evaluation of the NOGAPS Model Forecasts
Douglas L. Westphal, Stephen A. Lowder, James D. Doyle, Jeffrey S. Reid, Jerome Schmidt Unified Aerosol Microphysics for NWP
Timothy Whitcomb, Y-J Kim NAVGEM Platform Support
Qin Xu Adaptive Radar Data Quality Control and Ensemble-Based Assimilation for Analyzing and Forecasting High-Impact Weather
Chidong Zhang Assisting ONR Littoral Air-Sea Processes DRI
Fuqing Zhang Ensemble Data Assimilation and Predictability of Tropical Cyclones
Jianglong Zhang Improving Aerosol and Visibility Forecasting Capabilities Using Current and Future Generations of Satellite Observations
Allen Zhao Ensemble Assimilation of Doppler Radar Observations

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