Marine Meteorology and Atmospheric Effects Annual Reports FY14

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Marine Meteorology and Atmospheric Effects reports are grouped in the following categories below:

  1. Marine Meteorology
  2. ESPC - Extended Range Predictability, Coupled DA
Authors Annual Reports
Marine Meteorology
Qing Wang , Robert J. Burkholder, Harindra Joseph Fernando, Djamal Khelif, Robert Kipp Shearman Coupled Air Sea Processes and EM Ducting Research (CASPER): Upper Ocean Processes
Bruce Albrecht Aerosol Cloud-Drizzle-Turbulence Interactions in Boundary Layer Clouds
Edgar L Andreas, Larry Mahrt Predicting the Turbulent Air-Sea Surface Fluxes, Including Spray Effects, from Weak to Strong Winds
Peter G. Black Evaluation of a New Observational Strategy for Monitoring the Tropical Cyclone Outflow Layer
William R. Boos Understanding the Global Distribution of Monsoon Depressions
James A. Brey The Maury Project
Steven Cavallo, William Skamarock Multi-scale Predictability with a New Coupled Non-hydrostatic Global Model over the Arctic
Sue Chen, Jerome Schmidt, James Cummings Impact of AXBT Target Observation to Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensity Change
James Doyle, Jon Moskaitis, Alex Reineke, Yi Jin Improvement of High-Resolution Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensity Forecasts using COAMPS-TC
Dale R. Durran Downscale Error Propagation and Mesoscale Predictability
Dale R. Durran Characterization of Mesoscale Predictability
Stephen D. Eckermann Capturing the Stratosphere's Influence on Seasonal and Intraseasonal Predictability in a State-of-the-Art Navy Global Environmental Model (NAVGEM)
Stephen D. Eckermann New Approaches to the Parameterization of Gravity-Wave and Flow-Blocking Drag due to Unresolved Mesoscale Orography Guided by Mesoscale Model Predictability Research
Russell L Elsberry, Patrick A Harr NASA Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) observations for testing environmental control of hurricane formation and intensification
Russell L Elsberry, Patrick A. Harr Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure Changes due to Upper-level Outflow and Environmental Interactions
G.D. Emmitt Investigation of the Representation of OLEs and Terrain Effects Within the Coastal Zone in the EDMF Parameterization Scheme: An Airborne Doppler Wind Lidar Perspective
Sasa Gabersek, Alex Reinecke, James Doyle, Dale Durran Development of the Navy's Next-Generation Nonhydrostatic Modeling System
Isaac Ginis Super-parameterization of Boundary Layer Roll Vortices in Tropical Cyclone Models
Francis X. Giraldo Next-Generation Global and Mesoscale Atmospheric Models
Patrick A. Harr, Russell L. Elsberry Western Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure Changes due to Upper-level Outflow and Environmental Interactions
  Harshvardhan Development and Implementation of Universal Cloud/Radiation Parameterizations in Navy Operational Forecast Models
Jeffrey D. Hawkins Satellite-Derived Tropical Cyclone Structure and Intensity
Teddy Holt, James Doyle, Tracy Haack, Clark Amerault Improved EM Tactical Applications Through UAS-enhanced High-resolution Mesoscale Data Assimilation And Modeling
Yi Jin, Hao Jin, James Doyle COAMPS User Support
Djamal Khelif Aircraft Observations for Improved Physical Parameterization for Seasonal Prediction
Yefim L. Kogan Parameterization of Cumulus Convective Cloud Systems in Mesoscale Forecast Models
Tim Li, Shian-Jiann Lin, Melinda Peng Toward Seamless Weather-climate Prediction with a Global Cloud Resolving Model
Sharanya J. Majumdar Environmental Sensitivity of Tropical Cyclone Outflow
Brian Mapes Understanding Predictability and Model Errors Through Light, Portable Pseudo-assimilation and Experimental Prediction Techniques
Caren Marzban, Scott A. Sandgathe, David W. Jones Verification-Based Model Tuning
Justin McLay, James Hansen Inclusion of Environmental Uncertainty for Automated Ship-Routing Guidance
David B. Mechem Improving Mesoscale Prediction Cloud Regime Transitions in LES and NRL COAMPS
Jonathan Moskaitis, James Doyle, Melinda Peng A Multi-model Ensemble for Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction
Richard B. Neale, Mitch Moncrieff, Mel Shapiro, Joe Tribbia The Potential for Predictibility in the North Pacific Due to Tropical Circulation Skill and Tropical-Extratropical Interactions in the Community Earth System Model (CESM)
Robert Pincus Flexible Radiation codes for Numerical Weather Prediction Across Space and Time Scales
Zhaoxia Pu Understanding Impacts of Outflow on Tropical Cyclone Formation and Rapid Intensity and Structure Changes with Data Assimilation and High-resolution Numerical Simulations
Jeffrey S. Reid Aerosol Use of Ensemble Datasets to Develop Best Practices for the Forecasting of Aerosol Impacts on Electro-optical Propagation: What makes a good aerosol model?
Carolyn Reynolds, James Doyle, Xiaodong Hong Impact of Resolution on Extended-range Multi-scale Simulations
James Ridout, Melinda Peng, Maria Flatau Physics Parameterization for Seasonal Prediction
Elizabeth A. Ritchie, J. Scott Tyo Using Satellite-based Remotely-sensed Data to Determine Tropical Cyclone Size and Structure Characteristics
Ted Rogers, Tracy Haack Refractivity Data Fusion
Ted Rogers, Peter Gerstoft, Caglar Yardim Trident Warrior 2013 RF Data Analysis
Ted Rogers, Tracy Haack Refractivity Data Fusion
Elizabeth R. Sanabia, Bradford S. Barrett From Ocean to Outflow: Understanding Tropical Cyclone Circulations and Intensification
John H. Seinfeld Influence of Organic-Containing Aerosols on Marine Boundary Layer Processes
David Straus, J. Shukla Predictability of the North Atlantic Oscillation on Intraseasonal Time Scales
Istvan Szunyogh Coupled Global-Regional Data Assimilation Using Joint States
Joao Teixeira Unified Cloud and Mixing Parameterizations of the Marine Boundary Layer: EDMF and PDF-based cloud approaches
Joao Teixeira A Framework to Evaluate Unified Parameterizations for Seasonal Prediction: an Les/scm Parameterization Test-bed
Eric J. Terrill Trident Warrior Buoy Testing
Duane Waliser, Xianan Jiang Leveraging the MJO for Predicting Envelopes of Tropical Wave and Synoptic Activity at Multi-Week Lead Times
Qing Wang Near-surface Measurements In Support of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Study
Qing Wang Aircraft Observations for Improved Physical Parameterization for Seasonal Prediction
Zhuo Wang, Melinda S. Peng Toward Better Intraseasonal and Seasonal Prediction: Verification and Evaluation of the NAVGEM Forecasts
Douglas L. Westphal, James R. Campbell, Benjamin C. Ruston, Annette L. Walker Aerosol Impact on Infrared METOC Data Assimilation
Douglas L. Westphal, James R. Campbell, Anthony Bucholtz, B. John Cook, Paul A. Frederickson, Chad Hutchins, Yi Jin, Jason E. Nachamkim, Jeffrey S. Reid, Kim A. Richardson Enviromental Inputs to Electro-Optical Performance Surfaces
Qin Xu Research and Development of Advanced Radar Data Quality Control and Assimilation for Nowcasting and Forecasting Severe Storms
Fuqing Zhang Ensemble Data Assimilation and Predictability of Tropical Cyclones
Jianglong Zhang Improving Aerosol and Visibility Forecasting Capabilities Using Current and Future Generations of Satellite Observations
Allen Zhao Ensemble Assimilation of Doppler Radar Observations

ESPC - Extended Range Predictability, Coupled DA
Eric P. Chassignet Accelerated Prediction of the Polar Ice and Global Ocean (APPIGO)
Cecelia DeLuca Optimized Infrastructure for the Earth System Prediction Capability
James Doyle, Alex Reinecke, Kevin Viner, Sasa Gabersek A Next Generation Atmospheric Prediction System for the Navy
J. Edson An Investigation of Turbulent Heat Exchange in the Subtropics
Maria Flatau, Sue Chen, Tommy Jensen The Influence of Atmosphere-ocean Interaction on Mjo Development of Propagation
R. Michael Hardesty, W. Alan Brewer, Aditya Choukulkar Processing Doppler Lidar and Cloud Radar Observations for Analysis of Convective Mass Flux Parameterizations Using DYNAMO Direct Observations
James Kinter, Benjamin Kirtman Leveraging ISI Multi-Model Prediction for Navy Operations
Benjamin Kirtman, Cecilia DeLuca An Integration and Evaluation Framework for ESPC Coupled Models
Pierre F.J. Lermusiaux Multiscale Data Assimilation
A. Majda Low Frequency Predictive Skill Despite Structural Instability and Model Error
P. Majda Physics Constrained Stochastic-Statistical Models for Extended Range Environmental Prediction
Julie L. McClean, Bruce Cornuelle Towards the Use of HYCOM in Coupled ENSO Prediction: Assessment of ENSO Skill in Forced Global HYCOM
Justin McLay, Clark Rowley ESPC Coupled Global Ensemble Prediction System
E. Joseph Metzger, Benjamin C. Ruston ESPC-2 Operational Implementation And Validation Of The Coupled System
Eli Mlawer, Robert Pincus, Brian Eaton, Andre Wehe RRTMGP: A High-Performance Broadband Radiation Code for the Next Decade
Tom Murphree Advanced Climate Analysis and Long Range Forecasting
Melinda S. Peng, Cecelia Deluca, James Campbell ESPC Computational Common Model Architecture
James G. Richman, Timothy R. Whitcomb ESPC Coupled Global Prediction System
Eric D. Skyllingstad, Simon de Szoeke Large-eddy Simulations of Tropical Convective Systems, the Boundary Layer, and Upper Ocean Coupling
Qing Wang Aircraft Measurements for Understanding Air-Sea Coupling and Improving Coupled Model Predictions
Shouping Wang, Rick Allard ESPC Regional Arctic Prediction System
Timothy R. Whitcomb, Alan J. Wallcraft ESPC Computational Efficiency of Earth System Models
Lucas C. Wilcox, Francis X. Giraldo, Timothy Campbell, Andreas Kloeckner, Timothy Warburton, Timothy Whitcomb NPS-NRL-Rice-UIUC Collaboration on Navy Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Models on Many-Core Computer Architectures
Vladimir Zakharov, Andrei Pushkarev Nonlinearity Domination in Hassellmann Equation As a Reason for Alternative Framework of Its Numerical Simulation
Vladimir Zakharov, Andrei Pushkarev Nonlinearity Domination in Hassellmann Equation As a Reason for Alternative Framework of Its Numerical Simulation

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