Ocean Acoustics Annual Reports: FY12

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Authors Annual Reports
Mohsen BadieyFluctuations of Broadband Acoustic Signals in Shallow Water
Arthur B. BaggeroerOceanographic Variability and the Performance of Passive and Active Sonars in the Philippine Sea
Megan S. BallardAcoustic Modeling Using a Three-Dimensional Coupled-Mode Mode
Michael G. BrownPredictability Limitations of Long-Range Sound Propagation
Michael J. BuckinghamDeep-Water Ambient Noise Profiling; Marine Sediment Acoustics; and Doppler Geo-acoustic Spectroscopy
Tarun K. Chandrayadula, John A. ColosiSpecial Research Award: ONR Postdoctoral Fellowship
N. Ross ChapmanGeoacoustic Inversion in Shallow Water
Ching-Sang ChiuMeasurements and Analysis of Phenomenology And Statistics of Sound Propagation Over Sand Dunes on Upper Slope of the Northeastern South China Sea
Ching-Sang Chiu32-Channel Digitizer for a Moored Hydrophone Array for low-to-Mid Frequency Shallow-Water Acoustics Experiments
Nicholas P. ChotirosSediment Acoustics: Wideband Model, Reflection Loss and Ambient Noise Inversion, And Integrated Model for the Acoustics of Sediments
John A. ColosiAnalysis and Modeling of Ocean Acoustic Fluctuations And Moored Observations of Philippine Sea Sound-speed Structure.
Peter H. DahlEnvironmental Acoustics and Intensity Vector Acoustics with emphasis on Shallow Water Effects and the Sea Surface
Grant DeaneShallow Water Propagation and Surface Reverberation Modeling
Harry A. DeFerrariCoherence of Acoustic Transmission in Shallow Oceans: Analysis and Modeling of Sw-06 Data
Jan Dettmer, Stan E. Dosso, Charles W. HollandAutomated Geoacoustic Inversion and Uncertainty: Meso-scale Seabed Variability in Shallow Water Environments
David R. DowlingAcoustic Blind Deconvolution and Frequency-Difference Beamforming in Shallow Ocean Environments
David R. DowlingAcoustic Coherent Backscatter Enhancement From Aggregations of Marine Animals
Timothy F. DudaExperimentally-Based Ocean Acoustic Propagation and Coherence Studies
Timothy F. DudaIntegrated Modeling and Analysis of Physical Oceanographic And Acoustic Processes
Dale D. EllisModeling and Analysis of Target Echo and Clutter in Range-Dependent Bistatic Environments
George V. FriskSonobuoy-Based Acoustic Characterization of Shallow-Water Environments
P. Gerstoft, C. Yardim, W.S. Hodgkiss, R MenonSequential Geoacoustic Filtering and Utilizing Ambient Noise for Geoacoustic Inversion
Oleg A. GodinDynamics and Stability of Acoustic Wavefronts in the Ocean
John A. GoffReconnaissance Marine Geophysical Survey for the Shallow Water Acoustics Program
Chris HarrisonClosed-form and Numerical Reverberation and Propagation: Inclusion of Convergence Effects
Brian Todd HefnerThe Effects of Sand Sediment Volume Heterogeneities on Sound Propagation and Scattering
W.S. HodgkissMURI: Impact of Oceanographic Variability on Acoustic Communications
Charles W. HollandSeabed Geoacoustic Structure at the Meso-Scale
Charles W. HollandSeabed Geoacoustic Planning Support for the QPE Uncertainty DRI
Charles W. HollandSeabed Characterization for SW2013 Mid-frequency Reverberation Experiment
Charles W. HollandApplied Reverberation Modeling Workshop
Bruce M. Howe, Eva-Marie Nosal, Glenn S. Carter, Lora Van UffelenAcoustic Seaglider: Philippine Sea Experiment
Marcia J. IsaksonScattering of Acoustic Waves from Ocean Boundaries
Anatoliy N. IvakinLow-Frequency Scattering from Heterogeneous Sea Beds
Kevin R. James, David R. DowlingEfficient Acoustic Uncertainty Estimation for Transmission Loss Calculations
Arata Kaneko, Cho-Teng Liu, Chen-Fen Huang, Yu-Huai Wang, Hsien-Wen Chen, Yih Yang, Hidemi Mutsuda3d Acoustic Mapping of the Kuroshio (Taiwan Current) Off the Southeast Coast of Taiwan
Steven G. KarglGeneration of Synthetic SAS Data for Targets near the Seafloor: Propagation Component
David KnoblesAcoustic Propagation in Continental Shelf Break and Slope Environments
William A. Kuperman, Shane C. WalkerSelf-adaptive Methods to Characterize Bio-Acoustic Scattering and Propagation
William A. Kuperman, William S. HodgkissExtracting Coherent Information from Noise Based Correlation Processing
Andone C. Lavery, David FarmerHigh-Frequency Acoustic Propagation in Shallow, Energetic, Highly-Salt-Stratified Environments
James Lynch, Glen Gawarkiewicz, Ying Tsong Lin, Arthur NewhallQuantifying Acoustic Uncertainty Due to Marine Mammals and Fish Near the Shelfbreak Front Off Cape Hatteras
James LynchSW06 Data Analysis and Slope/Canyon Experiment Planning
Anthony P. LyonsSynthetic Aperture Sonar Forward Modeling and Inversion
Nicholas C. MakrisONR Graduate Traineeship Award in Ocean Acoustics for Ms. Ankita Deepak Jain
Nicholas C. MakrisJoint US-Norway Ocean Acoustic Experiments in the Nordic Seas Waters of the Arctic Circle
Nicholas C. MakrisA Unified Approach to Passive and Active Ocean Acoustic Waveguide Remote Sensing
James A. MercerAPL - North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory
Zoi-Heleni MichalopoulouEfficient Inversion in Underwater Acoustics With Iterative and Sequential Bayesian Methods
James H. Miller, Gopu R. PottyEstimation of Ocean and Seabed Parameters and Processes Using Low Frequency Acoustic Signals
Walter H. MunkSecretary of the Navy Professor of Oceanography
Walter H. MunkSecretary of the Navy Professor of Oceanography, letter
Robert I. OdomRange-Dependent Acoustic Propagation in Shallow Water with Elastic Bottom Effects
Michael B. PorterOut-of-Plane Effects in Ocean Acoustics
James PreisigAcoustic Communications 2011 Experiment: Deployment Support and Post Experiment Data Handling and Analysis
John R. PrestonStudies on Sonar Clutter and Reverberation
Jorge E. Quijano, Stan E. Dosso, Jan Dettmer, Lisa M. Zurk, Martin SideriusBayesian Ambient Noise Inversion for Geoacoustic Uncertainty Estimation
Jennifer RamaruiThe Walter Munk Award for Distinguished Research in Oceanography Related to Sound and the Sea
Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa, Gail ScowcroftDiscovery of Sound in the Sea Website
Purnima RatilalEnhancing Long Range Sonar Performance in Range-Dependent Fluctuating Ocean Waveguides by Mitigating Biological Clutter and Environmental Reverberation
D. Benjamin ReederCharacterization of the Upper Slope Sand Dunes in the South China Sea and their Impact on Acoustic Propagation
Karim G. SabraExploiting the Spatio-Temporal Coherence of Ocean Ambient Noise for Passive Tomography
Karim G. SabraSpatio-Temporal Characterization of Bio-acoustic Scatterers in Complex Media.
Jason D. Sagers, David P. KnoblesThe Impact of Range-dependent Sediment Properties on the Acoustic Field in 2-D Shallow Water Environments
Henrik Schmidt, Arjuna BalasuriyaMultistatic, Concurrent Detection, Classification and Localization Concepts for Autonomous, Shallow Water Mine Counter Measures
Martin SideriusOcean Ambient Noise Studies for Shallow and Deep Water Environments
Martin SideriusOcean Ambient Noise Studies for Improved Sonar Processing
William L. Siegmann, Kara G. McMahonShallow Water Propagation
Kevin B SmithNumerical Modeling of 3-D Environmental Variability
Aijun Song, Mohsen BadieyOcean Variability Effects on Underwater Acoustic Communications
John SpiesbergerCoherence of Sound using Navy Sonars and Theoretical Developments
John SpiesbergerCoherence of Sound using Navy Sonars: Deep Water Acoustics
Gavin A.M.W. Steininger, Stan E. Dosso, Jan Dettmer, Charles W. HollandBayesian Inversion of Seabed Scattering Data
Ralph A. Stephen, Peter F. WorcesterBottom Interacting Acoustics in the North Pacific (NPAL13)
Ralph A. StephenBottom Interaction in Ocean Acoustic Propagation
Dajun TangMid-Frequency Reverberation Measurements With Full Companion Environmental Support
Eric I. ThorsosTransport Theory for Propagation and Reverberation
A. TolstoyLow Frequency Geoacoustic Inversion Method
Alexander Voronovich, Vladimir OstashevPropagation of Low-frequency, Transient Acoustic Signals through a Fluctuating Ocean: Development of a 3D Scattering theory and Comparison with NPAL Experimental Data.
Kathleen E. WageDeep Water Ambient Noise and Mode Processing
Kevin WilliamsReverberation, Sediment Acoustics, and Targets-in-the-Environment
Preston S. WilsonLaboratory and Field Studies of the Acoustics of Multiphase Ocean Bottom Materials
Preston S. WilsonLaboratory Studies of the Impact of Fish School Density and Individual Distribution on Acoustic Propagation and Scattering
Peter F. Worcester, Bruce D. Cornuelle, Matthew A. Dzieciuch, Walter H. MunkNorth Pacific Acoustic Laboratory: Deep Water Acoustic Propagation in the Philippine Sea
Jixun ZhouShallow Water Reverberation and Low Frequency Seabed Scattering
Shengli ZhouAdvancing Underwater Acoustic Communication for Autonomous Distributed Networks via Sparse Channel Sensing, Coding, and Navigation Support
Michele ZorziModeling the Acoustic Channel for Simulation Studies
Lisa M. ZurkA Radiative Transfer Model for Acoustic Propagation in Ocean Sediment Layers Development and Validation

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