Ocean Acoustics Annual Reports: FY14

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Authors Annual Reports
Rex K. Andrew, Frank S. Henyey, Andy Ganse APL-UW Deep Water Propagation: Philippine Sea Signal Physics and North Pacific Ambient Noise and NPANL Support
Mohsen Badiey Fluctuations of Broadband Acoustic Signals in Shallow Water
Arthur B. Baggeroer Continuation of Oceanographic Variability and the Performance of Passive and Active Sonars in the Philippine Sea
Megan S. Ballard Development and application of a three-dimensional seismo-acoustic coupled-mode model
Michael G. Brown Long-range Underwater Sound Propagation: Environmental Variability, Signal Stability and Signal Coherence
Michael J. Buckingham Spatial Statistics of Deep-water Ambient Noise; Dispersion Relations for Sound Waves and Shear Waves
N. Ross Chapman Geoacoustic Inversion in Shallow Water
Ching-Sang Chiu, D. Benjamin Reeder Phenomenology and Statistics of the Upper Slope Sand Dunes in the Northeastern South China Sea
Nicholas P. Chotiros Integrated Model for the Acoustics of Sediments
John A. Colosi Modeling of Acoustic Field Statistics for Deep and Shallow Water Environments
Peter H. Dahl Directional Wave Buoy to Support Low-to-Mid Frequency Ocean Acoustic Studies DURIP Grant
Grant B. Deane The Impact of Very High Frequency Surface Reverberation on Coherent Acosutic Propagation Modeling
Grant B. Deane Analysis of Whitecap Data from TREX13
Jan Dettmer, Stan E. Dosso, Charles W. Holland Automated Geoacoustic Inversion and Uncertainty: Meso-scale Seabed Variability in Shallow Water Environments
Gary Donoher, Alan Sassler, Lee Mitchell, Fred Jaworsky Expendable Acoustic Source for AUV Based Geoacoustic and Geotechnical Survey Operations
David R. Dowling Acoustic Coherent Backscatter Enhancement from Aggregations of Point Scatterers
David R. Dowling Frequency-Difference Source Localization and Blind Deconvolution in Shallow Ocean Environments
Timothy F. Duda, James F. Lynch, Ying-Tsong Lin, Karl R. Helfrich, Weifeng Gordon Zhang, Harry L. Swinney, John Wilkin, Pierre F. J. Lermusiaux, Nicholas C. Makris, Dick K. P. Yue, Mohsen Badiey, William L. Siegmann, Jon M. Collis, John A. Colosi, Steven Jachec Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Physical Oceanographic and Acoustic Processes
Timothy F. Duda Ocean Acoustic Propagation and Coherence Studies
Brian Dushaw Predictability of Short-Period Variability in the Philippine Sea and the Influence of Such Variability on Long-Range Acoustic Propagation
Dale D. Ellis Modeling and Analysis of Target Echo and Clutter in Range-Dependent Bistatic Environments
Terry E. Ewart Special Award in Ocean Acoustics
Christopher Feuillade Mathematical Modeling of Space-Time Variations in Acoustic Transmission and Scattering from Schools of Swim Bladder Fish
Scott D. Frank Elastic Bottom Propagation Mechanisms Investigated by Parabolic Equation Methods
George V. Frisk Sonobuoy-Based Acoustic Characterization of Shallow-Water Environments
P. Gerstoft, C. Yardim, W.S. Hodgkiss, R Menon Sequential Geoacoustic Filtering and Utilizing Ambient Noise for Geoacoustic Inversion
Oleg A. Godin Dynamics and Stability of Acoustic Wavefronts in the Ocean
Kevin D. Heaney, Richard C. Campbell Measurements and Modeling in Long Range Ocean Acoustics
Brian Todd Hefner Broadband Scattering from Sand and Sand/mud Sediments with Extensive Environmental Characterization
Paul C Hines Experimental Comparison of High Duty Cycle and Pulsed Active Sonars in a Littoral Environment
W.S. Hodgkiss Environmental Fluctuations in Forward Scatter and Reverberation
W.S. Hodgkiss, H.C. Song Environmental Fluctuations and Acoustic Data Communications
Charles W. Holland Seabed Geoacoustic Structure at the Meso-Scale
Charles W. Holland Seabed Acoustic Wave Dispersion and Scattering in Complex Marine Sediment Structures
Charles W. Holland Seabed Seabed Characterization for SW2013 Mid-Frequency Reverberation Experiment
Marcia J Isakson Scattering of Acoustic Waves from Ocean Boundaries
Anatoliy N. Ivakin Modeling of Mid-Frequency Reverberation in Very Shallow Water
David Paul Knobles Unified Description of Scattering and Propagation
William A. Kuperman, William S. Hodgkiss Extracting Coherent Information from Noise Based Correlation Processing
Andone C. Lavery Understanding the Effects of Water-Column Variability on Very-High-Frequency Acoustic Propagation in Support of High-Data-Rate Acoustic Communication Applications
Ying-Tsong Lin Three-Dimensional Shallow Water Acoustics
James Lynch Shallow Water Acoustics Studies
James Lynch, Glen Gawarkiewicz, Ying Tsong Lin, Arthur Newhall Quantifying Acoustic Uncertainty Due to Marine Mammals and Fish Near the Shelfbreak Front Off Cape Hatteras
Anthony P. Lyons Scattering from Rock and Rock Outcrops
James A. Mercer, Andrew White North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory
Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou Efficient Inversion in Underwater Acoustics with Analytic and Iterative and Sequential Bayesian Methods
James H. Miller, Gopu R. Potty The Effects of Sediment Properties on Low Frequency Acoustic Propagation
Walter Munk Walter Munk SECNAV Chair in Oceanography
Jim Nuttall, Alan Sassler, Gary Donoher, Fred Jaworsky, Mike Jackson Handheld Sonar Intercept Receiver For Divers
Robert I. Odom Range-Dependent Acoustic Propagation in Shallow Water with Elastic Bottom Effects
Michael B. Porter Out-of-Plane Effects in Ocean Acoustics
James Preisig Acoustic Communications 2011 Experiment; Exploiting Structured Dependencies in the Design of Adaptive Algorithms for Underwater Communication; Coupled Research in Ocean Acoustics and Signal Processing
John R. Preston Analysis and Modeling of Multistatic Clutter and Reverberation and Support for the FORA
Subramaniam D. Rajan Estimation of Sediment Properties Using Air Launched Sonobuoys
Purnima Ratilal Characterizing Broadband Acoustic Propagation Scintillation and Modelling Scattering and Reverberation for Sensing in a Random Ocean Waveguide
Daniel Rouseff Mid-Frequency Propagation Modeling Using The Waveguide Invariant
Karim G. Sabra Passive Acoustic Thermometry Using Low-frequency Deep Water Noise
Jason D. Sagers Three-dimensional Scale-model Tank Experiment of the Hudson Canyon Region
Martin Siderius Ocean Ambient Noise Studies for Shallow and Deep Water Environments
William L. Siegmann, Donald W. Schwendeman, Brendan J. DeCourcy Shallow Water Propagation
Emmanuel Skarsoulis, Bruce Cornuelle, Matthew Dzieciuch Behavior and Sensitivity of Phase Arrival Times
Kevin B Smith Analysis of 3-D Propagation Effects Due to Environmental Variability
Hee-Chun Song, William S. Hodgkiss Long Range Acoustic Communication in Deep Water
Hee-Chun Song Ocean Dynamics and Acoustic Variability in East China Sea
John Spiesberger Coherence of Sound and Understanding Where it is Influenced in the Ocean
Timothy K. Stanton, Benjamin A. Jones TREX-13: Mid-frequency Measurements And Modeling Of Scattering By Fish
Gavin Steininger, Stan E. Dosso, Charles W. Holland Bayesian Inversion of Seabed Scattering Data
Ralph A. Stephen Bottom Interaction in Ocean Acoustic Propagation
Dajun Tang TREX13 Data Analysis/Modeling
Eric I. Thorsos Transport Theory for Propagation and Reverberation
Beatrice Tomasi, James C. Preisig Optimal Scheduling for Underwater Communications in Multiple-user Scenarios
Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa, Gail Scowcroft Discovery of Sound in the Sea Website
Kathleen E. Wage Deep Water Ambient Noise and Mode Processing
Kevin Williams Reverberation, Sediment Acoustics, and Targets-in-the-environment
Peter F. Worcester, Bruce D. Cornuelle, Matthew A. Dzieciuch, Walter H. Munk North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory: Deep Water Acoustic Propagation in the Philippine Sea
Peter F. Worcester, Bruce D. Cornuelle, Matthew A. Dzieciuch, Walter H. Munk Thin-ice Arctic Acoustic Window (THAAW)
Shengli Zhou Advancing Underwater Acoustic Communication for Autonomous Distributed Networks via Sparse Channel Sensing, Coding, and Navigation Support
Lisa M. Zurk, Jorge E. Quijano Analysis of Eigenspace Dynamics with Applications to Array Processing

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