Physical Oceanography Annual Reports FY13

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Authors Annual Reports
Mark AbbottApplication of Advanced Multi-Core Processor Technologies to Oceanographic Research
Matthew H. Alford, Luc RainvilleMoored Observations of Internal Waves in Luzon Strait: 3-D Structure, Dissipation, and Evolution
Matthew H. Alford, John B. MickettHigh Resolution Measurements of Nonlinear Internal Waves and Mixing on the Washington Continental Shelf
Matthew H. AlfordTransition funding for the Shallow Water Integrated Mapping Systesm (SWIMS) and Modular Microstructure Profiler (MMP)
Magdalena AndresKuroshio Transport East of Taiwan and the Effect of Mesoscale Eddies
Hernan G. ArangoA Community Terrain-Following Ocean Modeling System (ROMS/TOMS)
James Bellingham, Sergey Frolov, Igor ShulmanCompact Ocean Models Enable Onboard AUV Autonomy and Decentralized Adaptive Sampling
James BellinghamCollaborative Oceanography and Virtual Experiments
Alan Brandt, Omar M KnioMass Transport by Second Mode Internal Solitary Waves
Subrahmanyam BulusuNorth Indian Ocean Salt Transport (NIOST): Estimation of Fresh and Salt Water Transports in the Indian Ocean using Remote Sensing, Hydrographic Observations and HYCOM simulations
Luca centurioniReal-Time Vertical Temperature, and Velocity Profiles from a Wave Glider
Luca CenturioniNear-Surface Circulation and Fate of Upper Layer Fresh Water from Rivers Runoff and Rain in the Bay of Bengal near Sri Lanka
Shenn-Yu ChaoToward a Better Understanding of Ocean-Wave-Typhoon Interactions in the Western Pacific Ocean
Carol Anne ClaysonAnalysis of Mixing and Dynamics Associated with the Dissolution of Hurricane-Induced Cold Wakes
Bruce D. CornuelleMultiscale Study of Currents Affected by Topography
Bruce D. CornuelleCollaborative Proposal: Ocean Currents Forecasts Using Multi-model, Multi-scale Assimilation
Eric A D'AsaroITOP
Eric A D'AsaroASIRI
Russ E. Davis, Jeffrey T. ShermanDevelopment of a Long-Range Underwater Vehicle
Peter J. Diamessis, Gustaaf B. JacobsNear-Bottom Turbulence and Sediment Resuspension Induced by Nonlinear Internal Waves
David Farmer, Jae-Hun ParkInternal Waves in Straits
John T. Farrar, Robert A. WellerStructure and Evolution of the Upper Ocean in the Bay of Bengal
Ralph Foster, Jerome PatouxUsing Surface Pressure to Improve Tropical Cyclone Surface Wind Retrievals from Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
Arnold L. GordonContinental shelf embayments of the eastern margin of the Philippines; Lamon Bay stratification & circulation
Ramsey R. HarcourtImpact of Typhoons on the Western Pacific Ocean DRI: Numerical Modeling of Ocean Mixed Layer Turbulence and Entrainment at High Winds
Steven R Jayne, James F PriceAnalysis of the Impact of Typhoons on the Pacific
Steven R JayneOrigins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Currents
T. M. Shaun Johnston, Daniel L. Rudnick, Jennifer A. MacKinnonInternal Waves in Straits Experiment
T. M. Shaun JohnstonFlow Encountering Abrupt Topography
Fernando Harindra Joseph, Lozovatsky IossifAir-Sea and Lateral Exchange Processes in East Indian Coastal Current off Sri Lanka
Alexander Kurapov, Peter OkeCombining Ensemble and Variational Data Assimilation
Sonya Legg, Maarten BuijsmanNumerical Investigation of Nonlinear Internal Wave Generation and Breaking in Straits
Ren-Chieh LienStudying the Origin of the Kuroshio with an Array of ADCP-CTD Moorings
Ren-Chieh Lien, Frank HenyeyGeneration and Evolution of Internal Waves in Luzon Strait
Ren-Chieh Lien, Thomas B. SanfordProcess Study of Oceanic Responses to Typhoons Using Arrays of EM-APEX Floats and Moorings
Ren-Chieh LienEarly Student Support for a Process Study of Oceanic Responses to Typhoons
Amala Mahadevan, Amit TandonSubmesoscale Routes to Lateral Mixing in the Ocean
Amala Mahadevan, Amit TandonCoastal and Submesoscale Process Studies for ASIRI
Amala MahadevanEarly Student Support for Process Studies of Surface Freshwater Dispersal
James Moore, Steven WilliamsInteraction of Typhoon and Ocean Project (ITOP) Data Management and Operations Support
James Moum, Jonathan NashProfiling Dissipation Measurements using Chipods on Moored Profilers in Luzon Strait
Walter MunkSECNAV/CNO Chair of Oceanography Report
Jonathan D. Nash, James N. MoumShipboard LADCP/Chipod Profiling of Internal Wave Structure and Dissipation in the Luzon Strait
Jonathan D. Nash, Emily L. Shroyer, James N. MoumRelationship between Physical and Biological properties on the Microscale: A cross-comparison between Differing Coastal Domains
Peter R. Oke, Alexandre KurapovCombining Ensemble and Variational Data Assimilation
Thomas PeacockLaboratory Modeling of Internal Wave Generation in Straits
Robert PinkelOcean Dynamics IWISE
Leonid PiterbargOptimal Combining Data for Improving Ocean Modeling
Pierre-Marie PoulainCoastal Ocean Circulation Experiment off Senegal (COCES - II)
James F. PriceImpact of Typhoons on the Western Pacific: Temporal and Horizontal Variability of SST Cooling
Steven R. RampIWISE: Transitioning Results From Recent ONR WESTPAC Field Programs to Operational Use (IWISE Analysis Expansion)
Steven R. RampTransitioning Results From Recent ONR WESTPAC Field Programs to Operational Use
Steven R. RampSubmarine Sand Dunes on the Continental Slope in the South China Sea and Their Impact on Internal Wave Transformation and Acoustic Propagation
Roland RomeiserSAR product innovations and enhancements - SARprises
Daniel L. Rudnick, Luca Centurioni, Bruce Cornuelle, Julie McCleanOrigins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Current
Daniel L. RudnickGlider Observations of Upper Ocean Structure in the Bay of Bengal
Daniel L. RudnickGlider Observations of Circulation Around an Island
Roger M. SamelsonCoastal Ocean Modeling & Dynamics - ESS
Thomas B. SanfordStudies of the Origins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Currents with EM-APEX Floats and HPIES
Emily Shroyer, James MoumSST Control by Subsurface Mixing during Indian Ocean Monsoons: 1-year Pilot Project
Amit Tandon, Amala MahadevanSubmesoscale Routes to Lateral Mixing in the Ocean
Amit Tandon, Amala MahadevanCoastal and Submesoscale Process Studies for ASIRI
Subhas Karan VenayagamoorthyTurbulent Mixing Parameterizations for Oceanic Flows and Student Support
Subhas Karan VenayagamoorthyInternal Wave Driven Mixing and Transport in the Coastal Ocean
David WalkerEstimation of Temporally Evolving Typhoon Winds and Waves from Synthetic Aperture Radar
Robert A. Weller, John T. FarrarAn Air-Sea Interaction Buoy/Mooring System for Study of Air-Sea Interaction in the Open Ocean
Chun-Chieh WuTyphoon-Ocean Interaction: The Ocean Response to Typhoons and its Feedback to Typhoon Intensity - Synergy of Observations and Model Simulations
Dick K.P. Yue, Yuming LiuFundamental Research to Support Direct Phase-Resolved Simulation of Nonlinear Ocean Wavefield Evolution

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