Physical Oceanography Annual Reports FY14

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Authors Annual Reports
Mark Abbott Application of Advanced Multi-Core Processor Technologies to Oceanographic Research
Matthew H. Alford, Luc Rainville Moored Observations of Internal Waves in Luzon Strait: 3-D Structure, Dissipation, and Evolution
Matthew H. Alford, John B. Mickett High resolution measurements of nonlinear internal waves and mixing on the Washington continental shelf
Matthew H. Alford Transition funding for the Shallow Water Integrated Mapping Systesm (SWIMS) and Modular Microstructure Profiler (MMP)
Lisa M. Beal Preliminary Investigation of Seasonal Flow Patterns in the Somali Current and Arabian Sea Using a Synthesis of Surface Drifter and Satellite Altimeter Data
James Bellingham, Sergey Frolov, Igor Shulman Compact Ocean Models Enable Onboard AUV Autonomy and Decentralized Adaptive Sampling
James G. Bellingham Fault Detection, Diagnosis, and Mitigation for Long-Duration AUV Missions with Minimal Human Intervention
Alan Brandt, Omar Knio Mass Transport by Second Mode Internal Solitary Waves
Subrahmanyam Bulusu North Indian Ocean Salt Transport (NIOST): Estimation of Fresh and Salt Water Transports in the Indian Ocean using Remote Sensing, Hydrographic Observations and HYCOM simulations
Luca Centurioni Real-Time Vertical Temperature, and Velocity Profiles from a Wave Glider
Luca Centurioni Near-Surface Circulation and Fate of Upper Layer Fresh Water from Rivers Runoff and Rain in the Bay of Bengal near Sri Lanka
Luca Centurioni, Eric Terrill An Integrated Network of In situ and Remote Sensors to Characterize the Somali Current
Bruce D. Cornuelle Multiscale Study of Currents Affected by Topography
Michael T. Cox Goal-Driven Autonomy and Robust Architecture for Long-Duration Missions
Eric A D'Asaro ITOP
Eric A D'Asaro ASIRI
Eric A D'Asaro Lateral Mixing
Russ E. Davis, Jeffrey T. Sherman Development of a Long-Range Underwater Vehicle
Peter J. Diamessis, Gustaaf B. Jacobs Near-Bottom Turbulence and Sediment Resuspension Induced by Nonlinear Internal Waves
John T. Farrar, Robert A. Weller Structure and Evolution of the Upper Ocean in the Bay of Bengal
H.J.S Fernando, I. Lozovatsky Air-Sea and Lateral Exchange Processes in East Indian Coastal Current off Sri Lanka; ASIRI: Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Waves and Instabilities (RAWI)
Arnold L. Gordon Continental Shelf Embayments of the Eastern Margin of the Philippines; Lamon Bay Stratification and Circulation
Arnold L. Gordon Bay of Bengal Surface and Thermocline and the Arabian Sea
Hans C. Graber, Roland Romeiser, Michael F. Caruso Analysis of Remote Sensing Observations of Air-Sea Interaction
Hans C. Graber, Roland Romeiser Air-Sea Interaction Studies of the Indian and Pacific Oceans
Hans C. Graber, William M. Drennan, Roland Romeiser, Neil J. Williams, Michael F. Caruso Satellite SAR Exploitation and Imaging and Measurement of Oceanic Phenomena
Steven R Jayne, James F Price Analysis of the Impact of Typhoons on the Pacific
Steven R Jayne Origins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Currents
T. M. Shaun Johnston, Daniel L. Rudnick Internal Waves in Straits Experiment
T. M. Shaun Johnston Island-trapped Waves, Internal Waves, and Island Circulation
Eric Kunze Lateral Mixing DRI Analysis: Finescale Water-Mass Variability from ARGO Profiling Floats
Louis St. Laurent, Harper Simmons The Sub-mesoscale Cascade of the South China Sea
Pierre F.J. Lermusiaux Long-duration Environmentally-adaptive Autonomous Rigorous Naval Systems
Ren-Chieh Lien Studying the Origin of the Kuroshio with an Array of ADCP-CTD Moorings
Ren-Chieh Lien, Frank Henyey Generation and Evolution of Internal Waves in Luzon Strait
Ren-Chieh Lien, Thomas B. Sanford Process Study of Oceanic Responses to Typhoons Using Arrays of EM-APEX Floats and Moorings
Ren-Chieh Lien Early Student Support for a Process Study of Oceanic Responses to Typhoons
Jennifer MacKinnon, Jonathan Nash High Resolution Upper Ocean Microstructure Measurements
Amala Mahadevan, Amit Tandon Coastal and Submesoscale Process Studies for ASIRI
Julie L. McClean Sea Ice Sensitivities in the 0.72-deg and 0.08-deg Arctic Cap Coupled HYCOM/CICE Models.
Mark A. Merrifield, Janet M. Becker Surface and Internal Wave Processes in the Coastal Zone of an Atoll Island
Nathan Michael, Sebastian Scherer Adaptive Introspection and Deployment for Robust Long Duration Autonomy
M. Jeroen Molemaker Submesoscale Flows and Mixing in the Ocean Surface Layer Using the Regional Oceanic Modeling System (ROMS)
Jonathan D. Nash, James N. Moum Shipboard LADCP/Chipod Profiling of Internal Wave Structure and Dissipation in the Luzon Strait
Jonathan D. Nash Autonomous Research Vessels for Adaptive Upper-Ocean Process Studies
Robert Pinkel, Andrew Lucas Lateral Advection, Vertical Mixing, and the Development of the Indian Monsoon
Leonid Piterbarg Optimal Combining Data for Improving Ocean Modeling
Bo Qiu Origins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Currents
Steven R. Ramp IWISE: Transitioning Results From Recent ONR WESTPAC Field Programs to Operational Use (IWISE Analysis Expansion)
Steven R. Ramp Submarine Sand Dunes on the Continental Slope in the South China Sea and Their Impact on Internal Wave Transformation and Acoustic Propagation
Daniel L. Rudnick, Luca Centurioni, Bruce Cornuelle, Julie McClean Origins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Current
Daniel L. Rudnick Glider Observations of Upper Ocean Structure in the Bay of Bengal
Daniel L. Rudnick Glider Observations of Circulation Around an Island
Thomas B. Sanford Studies of the Origins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Currents with EM-APEX Floats and HPIES
Thomas B. Sanford Development and Use of a Small Ocean Vorticity Meter
Sutanu Sarkar High-resolution quantification of turbulent mixing in the North Indian Ocean during the monsoons
Uwe Send, Matthias Lankhorst Integrating Observations of the Boundary Current Flow around Sri Lanka
Alexander F. Shchepetkin Eddy Effects in the General Circulation, Spanning Mean Currents, Mesoscale Eddies, and Topographic Generation, Including Submesoscale Nests
Emily L Shroyer, James N Moum SST Control by Subsurface Mixing during Indian Ocean Monsoons
Amit Tandon, Amala Mahadevan Coastal and Submesoscale Process Studies for ASIRI
Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy Turbulent Mixing Parameterizations for Oceanic Flows and Student Support
Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy Internal Wave Driven Mixing and Transport in the Coastal Ocean

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